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Book Review: Beyond My Wildest Dreams - Diary of a UFO Abductee

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Beyond My Wildest Dreams - Diary of a UFO Abductee

We knew this would be a good book when we found this raggedy copy on the shelf by Kim Carlsberg and David Anka and bought it, which is a good indicator a lot of people have read it. This book is the chronological diary of UFO abductee, Kim Carlsberg, who works as a commercial photographer for many shows, including the immensely popular Bay Watch TV show. A little Hollywood goes a long way. She's happy in her career except for alien abductions.

Carlsberg had many abduction dreams and partial memories of her experiences. She believes the grey aliens visiting her are Zetas from the Zeta Reticulum. This can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. She believes the bead-like implants are homing mechanisms to record and transmit devices for eavesdropping.

Carlsberg has trained herself to wake up when these devices are transmitting. She knows it because of a feeling a paralysis. She's even spent all night long fighting off aliens until either she or they give up. She recalls fetal extraction and fetal implants. On one occasion the process was observed by an unknown female, whom she later met in real life. Sounds strange, but she made it feel real. And I believe her.

Explanations for space travel are accomplished by "warping the fabric of space" according to what aliens have told her. This permits the ship to pull the destination to its location until they overlap. Carlsberg believes aliens and humans are working together on a basis of mutual mistrust.

Carlsberg confesses the need to sedate herself to sleep every night. She does this by eating food and drinking a beer. Other abductees will surely identify with this as going to sleep is still the hardest thing for her to do each day.


Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee

Impending abductions have certain clues. One of the first signs is a telepathic linkup. She feels her awareness of her own ESP has enabled her to be aware of this subtle transition. Another symptom of an impending abduction that night is to find herself inordinately exhausted. Sometimes she hears a whirring sound which is another indicator.p

Carlsberg believes most abductions occur at night because it is easier for aliens to manipulate the brain when people are asleep. She says the trick is to be able to recognize this while it is happening to you in your sleep. She has a step by step process she uses to avoid abductions. She does a nice job spelling this out for the reader. It is quite an interesting technique and worth trying.p

Carlsberg has encountered a shapeshifter, a being that can transform itself from one thing into another. She describes what she feels are two common studies that aliens perform on humans: Escape and Rescue. She feels the aliens are testing her problem-solving abilities. However, she despises the aliens for doing these things to her but is grateful of her own abilities to block or limit the occurrences. The book uses a larger, easier to read typeface. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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