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Book Review: Lost Was the Key by Leah A. Haley

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Lost Was the Key by Leah A. Haley

Both alien and military abductions are explored in this compelling true story by a Southern-Baptist, middle-class, working wife and mother. Written under the pseudonym of Leah Haley, Leah reconstructs the casual family conversation about her unusual dream of being examined by creatures aboard a spaceship which triggered subsequent flashback memories.

Linked with these unexplainable memories is the arrival of a new best friend Judith whose husband coincidentally happens to be an Air Force officer extremely interested in extraterrestrial life. Judith is the perfect best friend who is eager to hear all of Leah’s fleeting memories about spaceships and capture by military men from a crashed UFO disk.

Leah becomes paranoid as she hears sounds of intruders in the house, the garage door going up and down when no one else is home, strange clicking on the phone lines, and a home security system that constantly malfunctions. She realizes these events began after discussing her strange dreams with family and friends.

Eventually Leah discovers she is being followed by well-built men with short hair in strange cars and observed by them when eating in restaurants. Phone noises, power failures, erased computer disks, buzzing doorbells, hearing voices, sounds of breathing, humming and buzzing are all facets experienced by Leah. New scars and pain in nostrils and eyes are additional confusing occurrences.

As Leah finally decides to learn the truth, she writes to Mr. Budd Hopkins for help, who refers her to Mr. John Carpenter, social worker and hypnotherapist who works with abductees in Missouri. Leah undergoes a series of hypnotic regressions. Under hypnosis, she recalls the UFO she and her brother and a neighbor chased as children, which did not get away as they thought. She describes the Alien which took her by the hand and led her aboard the UFO along with the procedures she experienced. She also recalls other Alien abduction experiences as well.

In another regression, Leah recalls the sensation of a UFO falling from the sky, seeing a ship on the ocean below. The UFO breaks apart on the beach. Military men with guns pull her and the Aliens out of the UFO. She is unable to help herself or the injured Aliens.

She describes military men in uniform with an eagle on their sleeves. She remembers climbing up a rope ladder, being on a boat, then ending up in a hospital. Leah recalls being placed in a clear plastic container and being subjected to painful electrical shock treatments. When the torture is over, she finds herself on a hospital operating table surrounded by military men who either implant or remove something from her ear.

A man in a lab coat and another man in Khaki discuss whether or not it is time to give her another injection. She watches as the man in the lab coat gives her an injection in the left arm which makes her dizzy, then sees a black machine over her head. When they think she is unconscious or asleep, she listens to military men debate how much she remembers about the incident.


Lost Was the Key

The friendship with Judith disintegrates after Leah accuses the military of being involved in a UFO cover-up and military abductions. In Leah’s quest for the truth, she and her husband travel to Gulf Breeze where they learn that on November 21, 1988, a group of teenagers were told by the military to leave the Gulf Islands National Seashore because there was an "incident in progress."

A fundamental unanswered question is based on the premise that if Leah, in her underwear and several hundred miles from home, was aboard a UFO which crashed or was shot down by the United States military on the Gulf Shores beach, was captured, drugged and tortured, then how did the military identify her and get her secretly back home to her bed, without her husband or children knowing she had been gone during the night?

The only possible explanation based on other abduction experiences is the time warp factor, or added time, rather than missing time. Some abductees actually gain time, rather than lose it. Since Budd Hopkins is good at selecting riveting material for his books, our unanswered question is why he chose not to make this dual military/abduction for one of his books? Surprisingly, Hopkins passed her over to another researcher.

Also, most readers would have appreciated an explanation as to the purpose of a memory implant which Leah mentions, but never explains.

Leah’s epilogue suggests she may not have understood the implication of the Aliens’ instructions to her. Leah states that one night during an abduction she protested the Aliens’ blocking of her memories. They told her the reason was that, "You are being monitored too closely by our opponents. Your remembering would be detrimental to our mission." Leah finds this remark to be comforting because it shows "there is great conflict going on in the universe. I now believe this conflict is between good and evil in the struggle for our souls." However, after reading Leah’s story, most readers would conclude her opponents were the United States military, and not other aliens.

Leah’s story is one of the few portraying suspected military involvement in the UFO cover-up from the point of being captured by military personnel from a downed UFO. The reader sails along quickly at first then soon bogs down into murky military overtones so reminiscent of Scully and Mulder probing cases from the X-Files. This is one of our favorite alien abduction books. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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