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Book Review: Witnessed - True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction by Budd Hopkins

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Witnessed - True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction by Budd Hopkins

The true story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO abductions is featured in this book by celebrated author Budd Hopkins. With nearly two dozen witnesses to date, this is the spectacular abduction of a wife and mother floated through a plate glass window and metal grid from her twelfth floor apartment to a hovering UFO. Hopkins delivers the story one breathless moment at a time as he lets readers re-live his personal hunt and chase drama for witnesses to this startling Alien abduction which occurred on November 30, 1989 in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Through solicited and unsolicited inquiries, Hopkins recreates the bizarre abduction of a 41 year old wife and mother from her apartment. Awakened shortly after 3:15 a.m., Linda Cortile (pseudonym) recalls a creature with large eyes near her bed which then assists her in floating out the living room window, into a beam of light and up into a UFO. Witnesses on the ground report the UFO then plunged underwater where it remained and was not seen again. A world leader and high level security attendants were part of the entourage witnessing this spectacular sequence of events. Witnesses reported car lights and radios turning off spontaneously as engines stalled. Occupants of cars on the bridge asked each other what was going on and later reports indicated witnesses were remembering different parts of the event.

Intrigue continues as two friends and security agents who witnessed the event fall in love with Linda. Dan, a deeply troubled man wants to possess Linda to the point of insanity. Richard, a quieter man twice divorced, recalls having known Linda since they were both small children and wants to be with her again.

Their mutual discovery through hypnosis that Richard and Linda were brought together repeatedly as young children by the Aliens torments Richard. His discovery that Linda is real, and not a fantasy from childhood dreams, tortures him as he yearns to love this woman physically who is happily married to someone else and the mother of two boys.


Witnessed: True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Interesting anomalies surface in Linda’s story, such as a childhood event where Aliens apparently made time stop at a public swimming pool so they could abduct her for a visit with young Richard. On another occasion, Linda describes the Aliens wanting to keep her son Johnny. Much to her dismay, Linda is able to speak the Aliens’ language while under her hypnosis, an event reported by other witnesses having seen her previously on the nearby beach scooping sand on that November night with the Aliens.

Hopkins feels the Aliens allowed ground witnesses, including a world leader, to observe Linda’s abduction and subsequent collection of sand samples from the beach as a message to mankind to stop polluting the Earth. A possibility Hopkins does not consider is the Aliens may have abducted Linda out of a sleeping state merely for their convenience with a total disregard to witnesses on the ground. An analogy may be drawn here between Aliens lifting Linda out of her bedroom from above and a laboratory technician lifting a white rat out of its cage because it is time to do more testing on the rat. Linda may have been the Aliens’ white rat.

The book provides fascinating insights into the Aliens’ interest in observing courtship rituals, as well as insights into the military or intelligence interest in monitoring an abductee such as Linda. Clearly for Linda, risks to her safety abound from both the military establishment on Earth and Aliens from elsewhere. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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