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Book Review: The Alien Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement by K. Wilson

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The Alien Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement by K. Wilson

This researcher's supplement answers many questions raised from her first book. Now abductee K. Wilson provides personal details of her abduction experiences in her book: Researcher's Supplement.

K. Wilson published information about the abduction phenomenon that many people were unaware of at the time. This supplement contains more detailed information taken directly from her hypnosis transcripts.

As the author began researching her own abduction experiences, she started correlating various physical and mental aspects of her life. She kept personal statistics and draws conclusions for the reader about her alien visitors. The drawing on the book cover portrays the blue-eyed alien female that seemed to care for the author.

Some of the author's abductions were pulled from memory or dreams. She carefully recorded the information in her journal for later use. She details accounts of abductions involving NATO and other countries in a shared underground military base.

Another aspect of her abductions that surprised her related to the good or bad experiences. The author found many of the abductions she had previously believed to be positive, did not live up to scrutiny upon closer examination.

The author tries to discover where her alien visitors come from. She asks if they are from the Pleiades and they say no. The alien explains their group comes from a star cluster near Ursa Major, the Big Dipper.

Other categories covered in the book related to alien abductions are the human menstrual cycles, military and government involvement, bases, physiological, psychological, and emotional effects.


The Alien Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement

The author discusses other topics including telepathy, abduction travel, tonsils and adenoids, lightning, dream memories, symbols, unusual writing, descriptions of various aliens and the positive or negative interaction that occurred with them and interesting transcripts from her hypnosis sessions.

Alien symbols, appearance, and hybrids are other prominent features in the book. The author documents experiences foretelling her future. She explains as much as she can recall through hypnosis related to the sperm and egg sampling procedures used by the aliens.

At the time she wrote this book, the author was a State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network as well as a referral contact for The Intruders Foundation (Budd Hopkins' group).

The author served two years on the Board of Directors of the Northwest UFO Group and now devotes her time to speaking and writing about the alien abduction phenomenon. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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