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Book Review: Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs

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Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs

The author of Crossfire has turned his attention to the enigmas surrounding extraterrestrial life. In Alien Agenda, author Jim Marrs offers a viable explanation that not only confirms the reality of UFOs, but reveals the fifty year cover-up that has kept the truth from the public.

From crop circles to cattle mutilations the author probes ancient astronauts and compares them with the Apollo astronauts' reports. He discloses government subterfuge and explains the army-training project on "remote viewers."

The author has done a very convincing job synthesizing old research and combining it with new discoveries. He explores how and why the aliens manifest themselves in our presence. His research is impressive as he draws on hidden government files and taps sources deep within military intelligence's most secret operations.

The author has done an impressive job combing the existing UFO and abduction published material for clues to the reasons for the alien visits to planet Earth. Readers will be fascinated by the analogies drawn by the author as he discloses the government's compelling need to cover-up the existence of UFOs and aliens. The facts presented are very credible.

The author has pulled fascinating NASA files showing test results that the sonar testing of the moon indicates it is a hollow structure.

Author Jim Marrs speculates on why the moon is in an unusual orbit that happens to work for the benefit of Earth. Jim references tales from ancient civilizations about a time before the Earth had a moon.


Alien Agenda

Other incredible stories involve all the probes that have suddenly malfunctioned, whether American or Russian, as they attempted to pass too close to Mars. He also reveals more government indications that the reason for these freak accidents may have something to do with Phobos, one of two Martian moons, an apparently hollow, and hence, artificial moon orbiting that planet.

And if that is not convincing, the eeriest one of all are the two giant satellites orbiting Earth 600 miles up discovered in 1953. Who is in these satellites? What are they for? Is our radio, television, and internet communication being monitored by aliens working in a satellite orbiting the Earth at 18,000 miles per hour?

The book fits into the category of "must read." Every abductee and researcher will benefit from glimpsing insights into these other worlds and why the government works so swiftly to discredit witnesses and sightings. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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