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Book Review: The Alien Abduction Survival Guide by Michelle LaVigne

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The Alien Abduction Survival Guide by Michelle LaVigne

This book is written by an abductee for abductees to show them how to cope with their abduction experiences and to learn how to deal with them. The Alien Abduction Survival Guide is a pragmatic book intended to help abductees learn how to cope with their experiences and to incorporate them into daily living.

author Michelle LaVigne offers a practical look at the problems faced by abduction experiencers. For each problem, she presents a viable solution that she and others have tried that worked.

The author's purpose, fortunately, is not to convince readers that abductions are real, so no time is wasted getting to the crux of the book. Rather, she moves beyond that presumption and handily describes situations abductees or experiencers will encounter. Unlike other abduction books, readers will not feel worse after reading her book. Most abductees will find the book comforting and informative.

Some of Michelle's more innovative ideas involve possible human services utilized by aliens. This concept has not received much public attention, yet abductees often have a sense of mission, purpose, or job they know they are expected to perform during the night-time abduction experience.

For example, one of our own web site members knows that his night-time job with the aliens is to pilot their craft from the Midwest to Northern California where the aliens conduct periodic tests along the fault lines.


The Alien Abduction Survival Guide

When we asked if he was interested in learning to fly a small plane for a hobby, his answer was that it was too expensive. His main concern was daytime fatigue, since he supports a family and feels he is exhausted from his night-time job working for the aliens!

Michelle describes how to determine what kind of job you may be doing for the aliens during your abductions, even if you have no direct memory of them. She explains clues to help you uncover the truth about your hidden night-time job for the aliens.

The author has done an impressive job combining her experiences with that of other abductees. Her suggestions on how to keep a journal are to be heeded. She also provides accurate descriptions of various alien psychological tests performed on humans and discusses the pros and cons of belonging to an abduction support group. This book is one of the more positive books on alien abductions and most readers will find reassurance that their lives can continue normally. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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