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Book Review: Faces of the Visitors by Kevin Randle and Russ Estes

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Faces of the Visitors by Kevin Randle and Russ Estes

The authors of Faces of the Visitors have compiled a book of familiar drawings of notable aliens who visited their human subjects in some of the most classic abduction or alien encounter cases known.

In every corner of the world, people have been reporting encounters with a huge array of alien beings. Some are tall and humanoid, and others are hairy or monstrous in appearance. UFO writer Kevin Randle and documentary producer and artist Russ Estes have teamed up to produce a reference guide to the most important close encounters and alien contacts.

The authors' purpose is to provide readers with a review of over fifty of the most well-known abduction cases and include with each a line drawing of the alien visitors seen. Most of the drawings were made by the actual witnesses and have been featured in other books. This is why many of the pictures will be familiar to readers of other books.

The authors have also given each story their personal rating as to their opinion of the story's credibility on a scale from zero to ten. Some of their conclusions will surprise, disappoint, or confound readers.

Most surprisingly, the authors have given the nurse's report of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash an unbelievably low score of zero. The authors base their zero score on the fact the infamous nurse mysteriously disappeared after confiding in friends that she had seen alien corpses.

The authors have discounted other reports that she was transferred out or otherwise silenced. This low score certainly raises questions as to why Kevin Randle would have co-authored a previous book on the Roswell crash given his low opinion of one of the witnesses.

The famous abduction at Copley Woods, Indiana, better known as the intruders case was explored by abduction researcher Budd Hopkins. Surprisingly, the authors only rated this case's reliability as a 5.


Faces of the Visitors

This book wins AAER's Little Green Man Award for being so detrimental to the study of alien abduction, that only Disinfo Agents from AFOSI could love this book which makes abductees sound like wackos.

Perhaps their low score reflects their personal opinion of its researcher. Another surprising disappointment for readers is the authors' rating of one of Betty Andreasson's abductions with a lowly score of 2.

Kevin Randle's book contains no new information. This is because the author has a habit of reading other bestselling books and then pens his own lightweight version. Readers are advised to steer clear of Randle's books which are light on substance and heavy on bias.

Thus, readers interested in seeing drawings and reading factual reports of alien sightings around the world will do better with Patrick Huyghe's book, The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials, which is more factual and less opinionated. To order any book other than this one, click on the picture above.

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