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Book Review: The Truth about Alien Abductions by Peter Hough and Moyshe Kalman

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The Truth about Alien Abductions by Peter Hough and Moyshe Kalman

The authors explore the neurological and psychological mechanisms of abductions in their search for independent proof that alien abductions are real and not fantasies. The authors of The Truth about Alien Abductions have explored the possibility that alien abductions are real. They explore the links between abductions and the paranormal. They delve into whether extraterrestrials are taking humans for examination and experimenting.

The authors stress that alien abductions are not wish-fulfillment. They explain that UFOs are objectively real and they attempt to answer what this means for the human race.

The authors explore the psychological aspect of the cases interviewed for the book. They have included partial transcripts for a better understanding of what the abductees experienced.

Not all of their conclusions are logical, however. One of the stranger propositions they profess for the reader is that UFO and paranormal experiences are more closely related for women than for men. Any man who has experienced both will dispute this premise immediately.

The authors also explore hypnosis and the false memory syndrome. They contend that hypnosis, while questionable, has a value in releasing repressed memories. The authors also address the issues of hypnosis as a tool for memory retrieval.


The Truth about Alien Abductions

The authors cite examples of abductees helped through hypnosis which released these deeply hidden memories and brought them to the surface for therapeutic discussion. The authors believe that false memory syndrome has been liberally used to explain away abduction experiences.

Author Peter Hough is a professional writer interested in the paranormal who teamed up with Moyshe Kalman, a therapist. The authors' viewpoints provide interesting points for the reader to ponder.

The book contains a notable selection of photographs and drawings. Abductees wanting to see what marks and scars the aliens have left on other people, for example, will find remarkably clear photographs to study. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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