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Book Review: The Watchers II by Raymond E. Fowler

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The Watchers II by Raymond E. Fowler

Author Raymond Fowler explores UFOs and the near-death experience in his book Watchers II. With each succeeding year, the study of UFO's and their ET occupants becomes more widely accepted and yet more bizarre. Researcher Raymond Fowler pushes back the frontiers of knowledge about ET's and the reasons for visiting Earth.

In this book, Fowler explores blue balls of light, the Oz factor, the glass forest, thought pictures, golden ghosts, communication, the Bible, UFO noises, UFO coding for ships, body scans, other dimensions, alien sex with humans, origin of language, the Phoenix, the Christian church, evolution, eye surgery, Judaism and Christianity, and red balls of light among other things.

Fowler refers to this book as the twilight zone component of UFOs. He knows that an alien interest in earth's advancing technology would be in the harvesting an examination of our life forms including human beings.

In light of our deeply ingrained self-centeredness, how can the people on earth begin to conceive of super-intelligent beings they were able to periodically and instantaneously and will take the humans out of a car, a field or building with a beam of light, study them, experiment on them, and put them back exactly where they have been found?


The Watchers II

Betty Andreasson plays a pivotal role in this book. Because she has a near photographic memory, much of what she describes under hypnosis about UFOs or aliens can be drawn by herself or others. She describes places of unbelievable beauty such as crystal lakes, crystal forests, and crystal cities. She describes meeting the one she believes to be God.

This book comes highly recommended and is one that every abductee and researcher should read. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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