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Book Review: Alien Identities by Richard L. Thompson

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Alien Identities by Richard L. Thompson

Author Richard Thompson in his book Alien Identities shows that the answers may lie in the records of an agent civilization with thousands of years of contacts with extra terrestrial races. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts and ancient Sanskrit writings of India give fresh insights into the identity and purposes of UFO visitors.

Since 1947, researchers have searched for documents to prove the reality of UFOs. But questions still remain about the origins of the strange craft and the intentions of the beings who pilot them.

The first half of the book deals with published UFO information as well as the scientists who study UFOs. The second half of the book deals with Vedic parallels to UFO phenomena. Three important works in the Vedic tradition of India revealing detail a completely different way of seeing the world and of living in it. This was followed for thousands of years by a highly developed human civilization.

From the viewpoint of modern Indologists, these works range from ninth century A.D. to as early as the fifth or six century B.C. According to native Indian tradition, all three texts date back at least to 3000 B.C.

The author discusses contactees and paranormal, alien belt packs and clothing, alien predictions, UFO colors, alien sex, alien elevators, scars and skin, reptilians, alien speech, alien names, the Phoenix, alien races, alien reproduction, the Oz factor, alien insignias, human mutilations, men in black, out of the body experiences, orgasms, the apocalypse, implants, inter-dimensional beings, big foot, and more.


Alien Identities

Vedic tradition includes UFOs and recycling of souls. The author also discusses pantheism and impersonalism as it relates to God. He also discusses aliens who have made various theological comments to their abductees.

The author has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Cornell University. He brings two kinds of expertise to the field of UFO investigations. First he brings 20 years of scientific research and publishing in fields ranging from mathematical biology to NASA funded work in satellite remote sensing. Then he brings a long and deep acquaintance with the cosmological literature of ancient India's Vedic culture.

This book provides an appreciation for past Vedic cultures and the insight we can gain from studying the records left behind. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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