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Book Review: The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey

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The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey

Astonishing Biblical discoveries show the Bible is the inspired word of God according to researcher Grant Jeffrey. Ancient Hebrew codes predicting the future were found in the first five books of the Old Testament and are revealed in this book.

Author Grant Jeffrey is an internationally recognized leading researcher and Bible Prophecy teacher. His book, The Signature of God, has sold more than 140,000 copies. This is especially astonishing given today's world with its growing numbers of apathetic people. Jeffrey argues that God has written the Bible and the Scripture provides a staggering number of divine proofs that God's words are inspired and authoritative.

When considering the source of UFOs and alien abductions, it is important to consider all relevant written records. This includes not only ancient documents, but studying the Bible as well. It is true that many people believe the Bible is a collection of fantasies and parables written by and about fictitious people. However, a good researcher knows that all sources must be checked. Anyone interested in researching UFOs or aliens should study the Bible for clues. This book is a good place to begin.

One of the most fascinating things to come out of the Bible in recent years has been a discovery of the mysterious Hebrew codes. Though originally discovered back in the 1930s, the research was set aside until modern-day when computers made the research much easier.

A group of dedicated Jewish scholars in Israel found many hidden codes within the text of the Torah. Sometimes called the Jewish Bible, the Torah comprises the first five books of the Old Testament.

The Jewish scholars discovered predictions about the future embedded within the Torah. They found names, places and dates along with important historical events pertaining to world leaders, natural disasters, assassinations, and more.


The Signature of God

This discovery upset people who generally reject anything from the Bible. Its discovery was earth shaking because it revealed the staggering level of mathematical design which only a superior intelligence could have produced thousands of years ago. Although the author does not asked the question in reference to alien influence, we do. We wonder, who are the intelligent beings that could have made these accurate predictions so long ago? Could it have been the aliens?

The author believes that the Bible contains a number of fascinating proofs that absolutely authenticate that the Scripture is the inspired word of God. However, anyone looking for information about past civilizations or alien influence will certainly wonder if the aliens were a larger part of our past than than realized. Perhaps instead of looking to the stars, we should step back and consider the stories from the Bible which are thoroughly detailed in Jeffrey's book. Perhaps the Angels in the Bible were actually aliens.

This book provides an appreciation for past cultures and the insight we can gain from studying the records they left behind. The chapter explaining the mysterious Hebrew codes is worth reading. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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