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Book Review: The Secret School by Whitley Strieber

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The Secret School by Whitley Strieber

This book presents the author's journey back to one special summer at age nine to search for the hidden location of a secret school, its classmates, and its night-time alien teachers.

Author Whitley Strieber in his book, The Secret School, recounts one extraordinary childhood summer he spent attending a secret school in the woods near his home in San Antonio, Texas. Though forgotten for more than 40 years, these midnight forays unconsciously prepared him for the encounters he revealed in his previous three books.

Jumping between age outside view and an adult's hindsight, Strieber vividly recreates an adventure that stretches across decades, landing at the place that his new life started when he met extraterrestrials. Moving rapidly from revelation to revelation, the secret school recounts the nine lessons that changed Strieber's life.

Strieber began probing some of his childhood memories concerning a secret school in the woods. He reached a time in his life when he began asking himself how much of it was real and how much of it was fantasy. Strieber recalled being fascinated with staring at the stars in with wondering about Egypt. He was fascinated with the Sphinx. He set out to find the lost path through the woods and the secret school expert.

Strieber describes a fascinating moment when he found himself going back in time. He was in Houston when suddenly he heard the clip-clop of horses and saw a wagon go by.

After the incident was over, he checked the newspaper collection tried to correlate his experience to the late 1800s. He believes he experienced time travel. Strieber's lessons in the secret school or fascinating.


The Secret School

Many of then involved time travel where he found himself relating other peoples lives from thousands of years ago. But each one of the time travels turned out to be a learning experience. On one of his journeys he was taken to a lost world. From this he began to question if the entire process of evolution had taken place before.

Strieber says that something did happen around the year 10,000 B.C. in his vision of the past, two things took place. First, the planet was moving from one astrological house to the next and second a large comet-type object was approaching our earth. The comet came close enough to cause a major disturbance of the planet's rotation and there may have been fragments that hit the earth is well. Strieber wonders if astrology is based on real events from the past.

Each of Strieber's lessons in the secret school is inspiring. It leads us to ask how many others have been in a secret school or had a secret tutor unknown to their families. Like the Egyptians and the Hindus, the Inca's, Mayans and the Aztecs had legends of magicians who helped them with their projects.

The Secret School is a fascinating book and one that readers will have a difficult time putting down. Each of Strieber's adventures pulls the reader in deeper. The analysis of each of the nine lessons is tied in with learning and understanding civilization and developing an appreciation for those who have come before us. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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