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Book Review: UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze by Ed Walters and Frances Walters

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UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze by Ed Walters and Frances Walters

In 1987, the author experienced a horrifying encounter with a UFO and aliens aboard it. Under hypnosis, he learned this was not the first time he had encountered aliens.Author Ed Walters in his book, UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze, details how he came to learn of his extensive history with UFOs and aliens.

Up to that point, Walters had been able to take many photographs of UFOs. Many of these were featured on television during the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, shortly after he and his wife moved out of their house, the next occupant claimed to have found fake UFOs. These fakes or models did not even look like the UFOs in Walters' pictures, yet whoever did this to discredit him, certainly did a good job.

All of this was very troubling for a Walters who was trying to run his own construction business. Many speculated it was the government trying to discredit him, but the damage was done, and his personal and professional life suffered.

Walters describes unexplained atmospheric tremors that shake Gulf Breeze and have come to be known as sky quakes. Sky quakes coincided with the discovery of mysterious flat spiral circles of grass.

Walters describes many interesting characteristics about aliens, such as, their names, alphabet, words, odors, weapons, and furnishings, along with many other characteristics. On one occasion, he saw an alien that had no shadow.


UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze

Walters also discusses some of the situations abductees find themselves in at night during an abduction. Some of these include highly stressful psychological tests. He also discusses the Oz factor along with finding household objects that have been moved. As with other reports, he too, has seen shadowy figures. He has also sensed static electricity and has seen white or red balls of light. Comments provided by his wife Frances are enlightening.

Readers will appreciate Walters' attempts to detail what happened. However, most readers will acknowledge this has abductions lack the spiritual nature seen in other abduction cases, such as Betty Andreasson. The book gives more detailed explanations to the psychological testing and as well as the run for your life scenarios the aliens enjoy putting people into. The book is definitely worth reading. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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