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Book Review: Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

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Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

This book Cosmic Voyage breaks new ground and takes the reader on an unbelievable journey into some of the deepest mysteries of alien contact and the human future. The book explores remote viewing which is a powerful tool requiring further exploration. Remote viewing is a method of scientific research known as SRV, or scientific remote viewing. It was a procedure originally developed by the United States military as a highly classified and strangely effective spy system.

Author Brown was trained briefly in this method by a former member of the military unit that specialized in remote viewing. Now the author has taken the technique designed as a very viable espionage tool and turned it toward space. The results of his work are truly staggering. This book reveals that at least two alien civilizations have been and continue to the intimately involved with earth humans.

The two races involved according to Brown are a Martian race who barely survived an ancient natural catastrophe on their own planet. They are still struggling to survive today on their nearly dead planet and in hidden retreats here on Earth. The other race are the familiar Greys, a humanoid group who nearly destroyed themselves by wanton abuse of their environment and now seek to enhance their own evolution.

Further claims are even more astonishing. Using scientific remote viewing, author Brown claimed to have actually observed and interacted with a distant collapsing Federation of extraterrestrials civilizations.

The author's apparent ability to communicate and observe other alien species raises many questions. Most readers will see value in the remote viewing techniques. However, readers will doubt his information gathering techniques.

In a typical setup, the monitor would specify map coordinates or reference a word or phrase pertaining to space. Author Brown was then allowed to see in his own mind the space thing the monitor was referencing.


Cosmic Voyage

This book wins AAER's Little Green Man Award for being so detrimental to the study of alien abduction, that only Disinfo Agents from AFOSI could love this book which makes abductees sound like wackos.

This is where the author's interpretation crumbles because it was up to the monitor to ascertain whether or not Brown was correct. Since the monitor said Brown was right every time, it left us wondering how the monitor knew Brown was right about these two supposed civilizations. How did the monitor know?

The United States military used scientific remote viewing as a military tool to locate hidden targets and hostages. Their first foray into this area was known as "Stargate." In these military experiments, the hidden enemy encampments were frequently the target.

But translating this technique to the author working with a monitor breaks down. This causes us to question the validity of any of author Brown's so-called discoveries. Despite that, we still believe there is validity to this technique if properly applied. To order any book other than this one, click on the picture above.

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