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Book Review: Secret Life by David Jacobs, Ph.D.

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Secret Life by David Jacobs, Ph.D.

Secret Life, Professor David Jacobs takes us into the private world of people abducted by aliens, letting them described in their own words what it is like to be abducted. Based on interviews with 60 individuals and more than 300 independently corroborated accounts, Secret Life presents one of the most complete and realistic pictures of alien abductions ever compiled.

Dr. Jacobs is an associate professor of history at Temple University and a leading authority on UFOs. He was also the first doctoral student to write his thesis on this subject. In this book, Dr. Jacobs takes the reader on a moment by moment journey into the typical abduction experience and describes in detail the bizarre physical, mental, and reproductive procedures that abductees report have been administered by alien beings.

Jacobs draws from these interviews a profoundly unsettling reason behind abductions, namely the aliens are conducting a complex reproductive experiment involving the conception, gestation, worrying deviation of human and alien hybrid beings.

Readers new to the subject of alien abduction will find this book terrifying. Many readers will find correlations with their own histories. Jacobs quotes directly from the transcripts of hypnotic sessions with his patients.

While much of the information will be familiar to seasoned abductees, many abductees may find the information to be overwhelming or impossible. The book describes in great detail the various kind of physical exams and the examining tables used by the aliens.


Secret Life

The book also describes bonding with the aliens, sex with the aliens, implants, seeing friends, images on a wall, the apocalypse, nursing infants, robots, transport, bruises, missing time, religion, New Age, the UFO atmosphere, reproduction, traveling to another planet, alien clothing, breeding, human sexuality, out of the body abductions, the alien touch, aliens faking accidents, and much more.

Jacobs also describes problems familiar to all abductees such as, sleep disturbances, post abduction syndrome a.k.a. post traumatic stress syndrome. He also explains why popular rebuttals to abductions do not hold up under inspection. The appendix includes a diagram of a typical abduction.

Overall, the content of the book is very detailed. Though Jacobs is typically faulted for looking at the dark side of abductions, his words are to be heeded. This book should be read by anyone interested in learning more about alien abductions. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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