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Book Review: Silent Invasion by Ellen Crystall, Ph.D.

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Silent Invasion by Ellen Crystall, Ph.D.

In Silent Invasion, the author shows readers how to pursue and photograph UFOs. New Jersey native Ellen Crystall first encountered aliens and their spacecraft in California in 1971. Already airs she has taken hundreds of photographs of UFOs, aliens, and related phenomena depicting the technology far beyond the limits of human science. Silent Invasion is the startling accounts of Crystall's close encounters in Pine Bush, New York.

Using evidence obtained from her many sightings, she presents fascinating, yet credible explanations for many UFO mysteries. For instance she answers many intriguing questions. Why UFOs congregate in certain areas? Why are the UFOs so hard to photograph and what is the nature of their silent propulsion? What are the underground noises that have been heard throughout the night in the areas were UFOs are seen? Is the United States government involved?

The author is founder and director of an organization called Contactee. It is the first organization for research of UFOs by direct observation. The group published a quarterly newsletter from 1988 - 1995. Old issues are still available from the author.  Crystall has been on radio programs around the world and has made appearances on the Joan Rivers Show, Geraldo, and People Are Talking. She lives in New Milford, New Jersey.

While many researchers recognize that people who have seen many UFOs are usually abductees, it is ironic that the author is not one herself. Although she has seen aliens up close, on the ground and in the air, she is not an abductee.

The book contains many remarkable photographs. Some of the photographs show UFOs that are not often seen on television, such as the large balls of light. The author believes these are all UFOs. 

These large balls of light can change shape, color, or speed. Most of her photographs are taken at night and capture the lights as seen from the ground. UFO witnesses at our web site have seen these objects change shape from a ten foot diameter to that of a basketball in seconds and have become violently ill afterwards. 


Silent Invasion

Several of her photographs show aliens standing underground near a triangle craft, but the quality of the reproductions makes it difficult to discern. 

The author also addresses all of the different shapes of UFOs. She discusses Men in Black and MJ-12 among others. She discusses the Tesla fields and unseen light beams. Tesla fields have different characteristic shapes ranging in size from a tennis ball to a house. These objects seem to involve a force field having different densities, ranging from opaque to nearly transparent. None of these were visible to the naked eye.

Crystall notes that feeling the urge to take photograph may be linked to an electrostatic Tesla field that causes the hair to stand up on some people's skin. Ironically, some of the photographs show the round object with a flat bottom even though it is floating in air. So what is it resting on? Another unusual object in her photographs is the pole of light for which she has no explanation. 

AAER Note:  We are studying these energy fields in the lab and field work. While these energies seem foreign or even alien, they may, in fact, possess naturally occurring properties here on Earth. Not all orbs are UFOs. 

In contrast to the author's assertion that she has photographed and identified unusual types of UFOs,  physicists and UFO researchers may  find the  photographs useful for identifying different types of energy fields. Autographed copies of the 1994 edition published by Marlowe & Company, with more illustrations than the current St. Martin's Press edition, are available from the author at 1442 Hemlock Farms, Hawley, PA 18428. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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