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Book Review: Star Children by Jenny Randles

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Star Children by Jenny Randles

In Star Children, UFO author Jenny Randles tells us that an alien life form has engaged in a long-term program of genetic interbreeding with mankind. She believes that we are in a fact biologically adapted and that our children are targeted even conceived deliberately so as to further this plan. She likens it to a cosmic master race with neo-Nazi overtones.

She believes there are people living on earth who are pawns of both. So are aware of what has happened to them. But millions of people may be part of this scheme with no more than a vague suspicion that something odd is occurring. She calls these people Star Children.

Randles is convinced that because victims of abduction have a lifelong history of supernatural phenomena, that it must mean something. She believes that if you are primed for ESP, then you are primed for alien contact. Randles and discusses temporal lobe epilepsy and how it was mistakenly diagnosed for one individual who was actually and abductee.

Randles sees a particular abduction pattern occurring. She believes women are first abducted as young children and selected for later study. After puberty they usually find themselves abducted again and put through a gynecological exam. At that time, ova samples are taken from them. The young women are then told that these ova are mixed with human sperm and genetically reengineered by alien scientists attempting to develop a hybrid baby.


Star Children

She also discusses the incubus and succubus concepts. Randles sees a relationship between these concepts and alien abductions. She also notes that in 1985 study was done in Newfoundland with 254 people. The study found that between 14 percent and 17 percent of those individuals studied reported nocturnal accounts of paralysis, sensing a presence in the room, hearing a buzzing sound, or sensing a tingling sensation. These sensations are typically reported by abductees. If this is accurate, this could indicate that abductions are occurring more frequently than previously believed.

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