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Book Review: Close Extraterrestrial Encounters by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. and Lee K. Boylan

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Close Extraterrestrial Encounters by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. and Lee K. Boylan

In close extraterrestrial encounters, Dr. Boylan believes the extraterrestrials are routinely interacting with human beings. While most people who experience these interactions go through a brief adjustment, Dr. Boylan, a practicing clinical psychologist, has found that the great majority of experiencers can and do achieve a positive attitude.

Dr. Boylan is a clinical, research and consulting psychologist in private practice in Sacramento, California. In late 1991 he began a continuing research investigation into ET contacts with humans. The book is co-authored with his wife, Lee, who has an M.B.A. and is a physician-relations professional working for a multi-hospital system . Her interest in UFOs and ET visitations is recent, growing out of her participation in the CE-IV support group, research trips to Area 51 and several anomalous personal experiences in recent years, according to her biography. She is probably the motivator behind the book.

Dr. Boylan has pulled the experiences of nine abductees from over 100 cases to share with readers. He shows the 20 signs that may indicate that you have had interaction with ET's. Dr. Boylan bases the 20 signs on abduction cases he has personally worked with. He gives an example of a high-quality candidate.

This is the person who has had a UFO approach within 1/4 mile. He cautions that anyone reading this list be prepared for flashbacks to occur from buried memories.

According to his research, 59 percent of experiencers report an overall positive feeling about their encounters. This includes those who have received some counseling in education to help sort out their feelings. 32 percent of the group fill a mixture of positive and uncertain or anxious feelings.


Close Extraterrestrial Encounters

This group includes those who have recently begun counseling and have not yet had an opportunity to work through their experiences as well as those who have discussed their experiences but are still processing how they ultimately feel about abduction.

There is much debate over which abductees to believe, those who remember or those who have no memory. It is generally accepted that those with total recall should be believed first.

However, Dr. Boylan found that only nine percent of his cases had clear, full, and unobstructed recall of the close encounters. He pointed out that all of the hoaxers and delusional people claimed full recall of their encounters without the partial or complete memory blocks that so often accompany close encounters. Researchers and therapists will find this information helpful.

This book is especially recommended for new abductees or individuals suspecting they are abductees. Researchers will also find the statistics helpful along with useful charts and summaries of information. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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