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Book Review: UFOs Psychic Close Encounters by Albert Budden

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UFOs Psychic Close Encounters by Albert Budden

The author, Albert Budden, has reached the conclusion that UFO sightings and alien encounters are caused by an electromagnetic field. This hypothesis, known as electro-staging, explains this phenomenon in terms of electromagnetic pollution.

The author reasons that human states of mind can be altered by natural changes in the Earth's magnetic fields. Therefore Budden has presumed that UFOs and aliens can be explained in the same way.

The author based his theory on a publication produced by the Society for Psychical Research written by Andrew MacKenzie and called Hauntings and Apparitions

Budden was surprised to learn that apparitions behaved in the same manner as UFO related entities therein. Budden also uses electromagnetic energy to explain Men in Black, out of the body experiences, altered states of awareness, time distortion, time lapse, visions, trances, and other anomalous occurrences.

The author also discusses identified atmospheric phenomena (UAP) as critical to understanding the UFO phenomena. Two examples of UAP's are ball lightning and Earth lights.

Ball lightning occurs frequently but not exclusively in a water filled, thundery, or charged atmosphere, and has been well-documented over the years. The Earth light has only been identified since 1982 by Paul Devereux, who has presented evidence that they are produced like seismic electricity at fault lines and geological strata.


UFOs Psychic Close Encounters

The Earth light varies in its appearance in that it is mainly observed as a large sphere of orange light which can irradiate witnesses who are too close, sometimes causing thermo and sunburn affects. The limits to the radiation types are not known but they seem to include ionizing as well as non-ionizing fields.

This book contradicts The Holographic Universe in that it basically claims all phenomena is not genuine because it is induced by electromagnetic fields. After reading this book, the reader will get the idea that everything that happens is an 'electrical illusion.' Readers wanting serious abduction information will not need this book, since the author's purpose is to explain away UFOs and abductions.

Although the author's lay interpretation of electromagnetic fields is obviously connected with abductions or the paranormal, anyone seriously interested in abductions will not learn anything new. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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