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Book Review: Encounters by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

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Encounters by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

In this remarkable book, psychologist Dr. Fiore discloses 14 case studies of men and women who, while under hypnosis, have recalled being abducted by a UFO. Some remember joy and happiness, while others relive anxiety and terror. Most of these contactees had been taken against their will, communicated with telepathically, and examined thoroughly.

While most abductees had no conscious awareness of the events, they shared a host of troubling symptoms, including an ability to account for periods of time, persistent nightmares about UFOs or aliens, sleep disorders, unexplained healing of ailments, and reactions of fear or anxiety at the mention of UFOs.

Dr. Fiore includes transcripts from the hypnotic sessions with her patients. The details they provide about their abductions are fascinating. Some of her contactees described medical procedures used by the aliens to heal them of medical problems.

The book also discusses being inside a black hole, reincarnation, alien marks, alien instructors, aliens' ability to change their appearance, human males and reproduction, breeders, group abduction, taking over another's body, brown aliens, lightning, contraception, the brain, hearing voices, and more.

Dr. Fiore also discusses the most common signs and symptoms of abduction. She discusses missing time, nightmares or dreams of UFOs or aliens, sleep disorders, waking up during the night with unusual bodily sensations, unexplained marks, feeling as though you are being monitored, seeing UFOs repeatedly, unexplained healings, and anxiety over UFOs or aliens.



For readers wanting to find out if they are abductees, the author provides an excellent chapter on how to use a pendulum. The pendulum is used to determine whether your answers are true or false to a series of questions provided by the author. The test really works and is an excellent indicator of what buried thoughts are being repressed. The reason the pendulum works is because it responds to automatic responses from the brain that you do not have time to censor or control.

For individuals who want to no more about whether or not they are abductees, this book comes highly recommended. Information contained in the case studies sheds light on subtle clues in your personal history that may indicate whether or not you have been abducted. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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