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Book Review: The Watchers by Raymond E. Fowler

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The Watchers by Raymond E. Fowler

In this book, The Watchers, author Raymond Fowler pursues the secret, disturbing primary motive behind the abductions of Betty Andreasson Luca and many others throughout history. Fowler discovers the ultimate design behind the aliens presence on Earth and in our lives. Fowler's book provides physical descriptions of aliens, examinations, experiments, and out of body experiences, suggesting that we have been visited here on Earth for many years.

The Watchers brings us closer to the visitors than ever. We see their amazing equipment, their scientific knowledge and power, and the shattering consequences of what they know about our present and our future. They are called the watchers because they watch over us, as translated by Betty from their own language.

This book is the third in a series that documents the reported UFO experiences of Betty Anderson and Bob Luca, her husband. The very nature of its subject matter addresses the paradox surrounding the paraphysical nature of UFOs head-on. The reports in this book must be treated as very strange but very true according to its author. In this book, the author moves from being an independent observer to that of a participant in the UFO abduction phenomenon.

The book also includes many sketches drawn by Betty of what she saw and experienced. These drawings include pictures of aliens, beaming up, alien house call, alien map, hybrid fetuses in tanks, alien games, alien transportation devices, ghost-like aliens, time capsules, and more.

Under hypnosis, Betty describes many of her experiences with the aliens. She discusses the giant bird (phoenix), hearing voices in her head, aliens sounds, alien philosophies, helicopters, alien names and clothing. She also describes alien surgery performed on fetuses, aliens changing shape, UFO structure, and finding a woods inside a UFO.


The Watchers

Other topics include space travel, a box, telephone voices as a post-hypnotic suggestion, alien telepathy, alien touching, balls of light, UFO portals, alien home, aliens' appearance, paranormal events and the aliens, beaming up, doppelgangers, waist packs, time, evolution, aliens' fascination with watches, Celtic people, biblical comparisons, incubus and succubus, surgical stars, reproduction problems of female aliens, black cube, the book of knowledge, alien eyes, the black box, coming home late for dinner, and more.

According to Fowler, aliens have the ability to travel between Star systems, exists in a timeless realm, control our time, predict our future, travel between different planes of existence, read and control human minds, communicate telepathically, place human beings in suspended animation, investigate out of body experiences in human beings and interface with humans while out of the body, proportionally increase or decrease the size of humans and complex machinery, pass through physical objects with ease, levitate and move at will, transform their bodies into balls of energy and back again, and conduct advanced complex genetic operations on human beings.

This book is important reading for anyone interested in comprehending the possible reasons for aliens' interest in humans on Earth. Information presented gives the reader new possibilities to consider. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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