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Book Review: Abducted by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell

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Abducted by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell

In this book, Abducted, two sisters explore their lifetime of bizarre abduction experiences.

In this book, Debbie Jordan (Kauble) and Kathy Mitchell tell their abduction stories from their perspective. Their story was originally told by Budd Hopkins in his book that later became a made for TV movie in 1992, Intruders.

Kathy is the older sister born around 1947. While growing up, she was a sleepwalker and a very private person. She was also the first one in her family to see a UFO. She gas four children. She has one oval star on her shin bone from an abduction as do her sister and mother. Debbie is the younger sister born around 1959. She was a wild child and the first to talk freely about the abductions.

On a bus trip, Debbie met a very charming man who later turned out to be in alien. She saw small balls of lights in the house and yard and was the one to smell putrid odors at night that she felt were caused by aliens. As the sisters' story became public knowledge, black helicopters flew over their house constantly. The center section on the book contains interesting drawings and photographs.

One of the sisters made a clay bust of an alien head that is very lifelike in the picture. Later it was stolen from the family home by an intruder.



The sisters also included drawings of things they saw inside the UFO. Others will recognize these symbols because other abductees have reported them as well.

The sisters describe aliens conducting reproductive experiments on them, removing fetuses, and other experimentation. It is clear from reading the book that the sisters grew up very troubled, no doubt due in part to the alien influence in their lives. The sisters take turns writing the different chapters. Most readers will find the book interesting will gain a sense of frustration these two sisters endured.

The book contains a great deal of information about how aliens inject themselves into our lives. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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