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Book Review: Secret Vows by Denise Rieb Twiggs and Bert Twiggs

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Secret Vows by Denise Rieb Twiggs and Bert Twiggs

In this twisted tale of infidelity, Secret Vows is about Denise and Bert Twiggs, a married couple who swing with their extraterrestrial spouses and shared families. The Twiggs called this the awakening which opened them up to the truth and caught a glimpse of a better life. The book discusses the ET spouses as well as the birth of the children shared by the polygamous four-some.

The Twiggs say their extraterrestrial spouses interact with them daily and are called the Andromes. They were told extraterrestrials assigned several big ships or UFOs to the Earth and begin working with humans when they are still children. The aliens try to install implants in the human child as early as possible. The authors claim the following about the various  tracking devices. The tracking devices are placed in the right nostril to locate your exact position in any time.

The monitor is a much more complicated device and usually implanted only in humans who will be in long-term relationships with extraterrestrials, such as the authors. The monitor is placed in the back of the head and connected to several portions of the brain. The monitor serves to mechanically lockout portions of your brain. This allows the aliens to safely have meetings with the humans who will not have any conscious memory. The monitor is also used to shut off the conscious mind. This is less shocking and can be done through light frequency.

The Twiggs can feel weird sensations in their heads and neck when the aliens are raising their memory levels. The Twiggs could feel the aliens touch them even though they could not see them. Sometimes they would see shadows and they knew it was the aliens.

The top security alien looked like a giant alligator which spoke English. The couple also reported meeting a creature that was six feet tall and looked like an English sheep dog.

The appendix at the back of the book describes the awakening process. Phase 1 is when the person has knowledge that he is involved with people from another planet. Phase 2 is being able to remember your involvement. Phase 3 is when the person begins meeting at a conscious level. Phase 4 is permanent, conscious contact.


Secret Vows

This book wins AAER's Little Green Man Award for being so detrimental to the study of alien abduction, that only Disinfo Agents from AFOSI could love this book which makes abductees sound like wackos.

The Twiggs experienced some of the more common symptoms that other abductees will recognize: blinking lights, appliances turning themselves on an off, locks breaking or unlocking themselves, unexplainable sounds, shadowy movements, nose bleeds, pressure headaches, red patchy marks on the back of the head, restless nights, sleepwalking, vivid dreams, missing time, high frequency sounds, nervous pets, unexplainable scars, marks, or bruises.

Other things include light touches, remembering alien contact, areas of soreness on the head or neck, fluttering sensations, and body temperature changes.

While the book has fleeting moments of interest, most readers will be annoyed by the silliness of the authors. To order any book other than this one, click on the picture above.

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