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Book Review: Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good

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Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good

In this book Alien Contact, UFO researcher Timothy Good reveals top secret files proving the existence of aliens on Earth.

The author reveals the starting truth about extraterrestrial visitation: contact has been established.

Alien Contact contains astounding new disclosures, including confirmation by two former United States intelligence directors and other intelligent personnel that extraterrestrial craft are in the possession of the government.

The author describes how millions of dollars are pumped into secret black projects for UFO research. The the author describes many top secret government projects including MJ-12, Dreamland, Project Aquarius, and others.

The author also discusses will really happened to Robert Lazar, the nuclear physicist claims to have been employed by Naval intelligence to conduct research into the propulsion system of UFOs. Other pictures show cattle mutilations, UFOs, the Groom Lake area, and more.

The book contains a strange story of a Mexican doctor who is visited by an alien. The alien had violet colored eyes and milky white skin. The alien tells the doctor he was there to explain how people are destroying Earth and what must be done to prevent it. The author says alien contact is much more complex than originally thought.


Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO Files Revealed

The author explains that aliens are very diverse, and that some of them deliberately spread disinformation in the same way we accuse the government. The author feels that Whitley Strieber and other abductees are experiencing more bizarre encounters.

The author believes that aliens can be both extra dimensional and extraterrestrial. He bases this on the fact that many abductions seem to occur in a different level of reality.

As the author explains, we should never underestimate the mental and technological potential of advanced extraterrestrial beings who may be able to manipulate space and time in such a way that they can function in other dimensions.

The book contains a great deal of information about alien contact and the government's attempt to silence the witnesses. The book is definitely worth reading. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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