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Book Review Classic: Light Years by Gary Kinder

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Light Years by Gary Kinder

During the 1970's, this classic book shocked the world when a one-armed Swiss man claimed contact with the Pleiadians, benevolent aliens who let him take pictures of their UFOs and shared their philosophies.

In Light Years, author Gary Kinder pursues the truth behind incredible claims of alien contact.

In 1975 a Swiss caretaker named Eduard "Billy" Meier disappeared on his motor bike into a forest and returned with several clear photographs of a large UFO hovering in the sky.

Over the next 5 years, Meier produced hundreds of bright detailed photographs. He also recorded the sounds they made, collected metal samples, and made movie films of the UFOs and flight.

Dozens of witnesses saw these UFOs and verified his fantastic stories. His evidence was investigated by a very high-level professional security team. To this day, controversy rages over the authenticity of Meier's claims.

While readers may argue Meier's credibility, there is much to be said for the alien philosophies he conveyed. These philosophies came to him from the Pleiadians and their spokeswoman Semjase. The philosophies are different from those typically found in abduction book and they will cause the reader to re-think the purpose for aliens visiting Earth.


Light Years

The aliens told Meier that it was a lie that they were sent to Earth to bring peace to the world. They explained that the creator of the universe would never have allowed this. The Pleiadians told Meier they could destroy Earth in a matter of minutes but that is not their purpose.

The center section of the book contains glossy, colorful photographs. Some of the photographs are quite impressive. One picture shows a UFO landing spot and other pictures show incredible photographs of UFOs.

When this book was first published, it created quite a stir. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground for anything having to do with Billy Meier. The book comes highly recommended. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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