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Book Review: The Ultimate Alien Agenda by James L. Walden, Ed.D.

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The Ultimate Alien Agenda by James L. Walden, Ed.D.

In this book The Ultimate Alien Agenda, Dr. Walden goes where no abduction author has gone before. Walden ventures into such realms as proposing that we are the aliens and they are us.

Early in the book, Walden describes a hypnosis session where he sees an alien emerge from his body. Much to his surprise, Walden found that his astral body looked like an alien's body.

Aliens eat human embryos like caviar according to Walden. He also claims that aliens dismember humans for food or other bizarre experiments, thus supporting his claim that earth is a farm for aliens. His claims are reminiscent of those made in the alleged Dulce papers. Despite the negatism, the author believes the aliens are here to save us from ourselves. 

Walden also contends that all abductees are alien hybrids. During an abduction, the body temperature is lowered. There are side effects from having contact with aliens which he describes. Some of these include leg cramps and feeling cranky.

Walden speculates that mankind is not evolved from apes, but rather from reptiles! He actually presents a compelling argument for these cold-blooded critters.

The author explores death and spirits as an inter-dimensional process. He also claims the aliens can remove sperm from the astral body.


The Ultimate Alien Agenda

Halfway through the book the author finally confesses his sexual preference for men, a conspicuous fact from the outset for any half-awake reader.

Interestingly, Walden has sexual experiences with both men and women during his abductions, but the bisexuality in his alien life does not seem to cause him any concern as one might expect. So while the book may appear to be a coming out book about abductions, it is more about coming out as a man of diverse sexual preferences.

Fortunately for the reader, this author does not take himself too seriously, which enables the reader to consider other possible scenarios and explanations for alien involvement in planet earth.

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