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Book Review: In the Presence of Aliens by Janet Bergmark

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In the Presence of Aliens by Janet Bergmark

In the Presence of Aliensis one of those rare abduction books that will not leave readers hiding under the blankets at night. Bergmark bravely has her photograph on the cover of the book. Inside she describes her job as a consultant and how she came to realize she was an abductee. But she takes it all in stride.

Bergmark talks about insomnia, panic attacks, and other things that go bump in the night. She believes the aliens are inter-dimensional beings rather than entities from other worlds.

Bergmark explores the "why me" question which abductees love to debate. She believes the aliens gave her the gift of standing in the light of her own soul.

The author discusses her fear of seeing aliens and how she came to grips with it. She discusses alien hybrids and the human alien partnership. Bergmark says the aliens are not a threat to humans.

Readers new to the abduction phenomenon will appreciate the abduction stories she shares from childhood. Like other abductees, her first experiences occurred on a farm far away from the house.


In the Presence of Aliens

There she experienced missing time and confusion growing up as to what was real and what was not whenever she remembered the odd experiences. It certainly must have affected her because it appears she never got married and she does not seem to have any close male friends.

The book is enjoyable to read and has more spiritual qualities than many other abduction books. The book is very cerebral having little or no reference to the usual fare found in abduction books such as medical procedures, implants, or reproductive experiments.

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