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Book Review: Leaving the Body by D. Scott Rogo

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Leaving the Body by D. Scott Rogo

Leaving the Bodyauthor Rogo presents a complete guide to astral projection. Astral projection is the ability for one's consciousness to leave one's body. Eastern philosophy has recognized this very human ability for thousands of years.

While many people deny the existence of Astral projection, those who have experienced it know it is very real. It is a phenomenon that has long fascinated both a scientific world and a general public. If you are curious about this strange power, this book will give you an overview of the 8 genuine methods that have been proven to induce out of the body experiences.

The book describes the action now behind each of the methods. It describes techniques for out of the body travel and explains the differences and potential uses for each type.

The book is intended to be self-enriching and will explain step-by-step how each procedure is done. The potential and benefits to be reaped are explained at the outset of the book.

The eight methods include: dynamic concentration, progressive muscular relaxation, dietary control breathing, yoga, mantra, the Monroe techniques, visualization, dream control, and guided imagery.


Leaving the Body

Both experienced and inexperienced people in the art of Astral projection will benefit greatly from this book. Unlike other books on this topic which tend to gloss over their subject matter, this book is procedurally very specific.

Though the author does not discuss alien abductions, it is important for abductees to be aware they have probably learned to have their own out-of-body experiences or have had the ability triggered in them by alien contact. It is no coincidence that abductees are more familiar with this form of travel than the general public. Abductees unfamiliar with this subject should read this book to enhance their own awareness of the aliens' abduction techniques.

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