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Book Review: UFO The Government Files by Peter Brookesmith

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UFO The Government Files by Peter Brookesmith

UFO The Government Files author Brookesmith discusses top secret government documents shown for the first time. He provides an in depth analysis of possible CIA and FBI conspiracies. He exposes government deception around the world and references specific cases including the famous Roswell incident.

Drawn from a vast archive of previously classified U.S. government material, this book provides a fascinating analysis of official involvement in the UFO phenomenon over the last fifty years. There has always been speculation over government involvement in UFO cases. Some UFOlogists leave the U.S. government will lie, cheat, and even murder to maintain a great secret of alien contact.

This box takes an extremely objective you official on moment in UFOs using information released by or extracted from government agencies, and illustrated with many of the actual government documents, this book reveals the true motives of the USAF, CIA, and FBI conspiracy and disinformation programs.

Is the U.S. government really in league with aliens? Is there really a big cover-up? This book spares neither government nor UFOlogists. This gripping book will raise a storm of controversy.


UFO The Government Files

The book has an excellent index and a slew of spectacular photographs. The book explorers all the famous contactees as well as all in the bizarre reports which have lurked in the background for years.

This book is highly recommended for the UFO library. For the researcher or curious reader who wants very precise facts and pictures, this book fills that need very nicely. The book answers many questions while raising new questions at the same time.

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