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Book Review: The UFO Phenomenon by the editors of Time-Life books

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The UFO Phenomenon by the editors of Time-Life books

The UFO Phenomenon asks the question, are we certain that we are the only intelligent life in the universe? Is this galaxy home just to earthlings, or are there neighbors whom we have yet to meet? In a cosmos that expands with each astronomical discovery, are we arrogant -- or naive to believe that we are the only habitants?

In vibrant text and vivid color, this book traces our planet's long fascination with visitors from outer space. The book delves into topics such as:

* Stories of visitation, culled from such sources as ancient Sanskrit texts, Chinese legends, the Bible, and Project blue Book.

*Aviation's role in spotting and reporting UFOs, from the fiery disks that chased fighter planes during World War II to civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold's 1948 article in Fate magazine that gave us the term "flying saucers."

* The abductions that often accompany sightings, the details of which some traumatized victims only remember through hypnosis.

* Nature's ability to deceive with such spectacular fare as lenticular clouds, sun dogs, swamp gas, ball lightning, as well as man's ability to deceive by use of strings, mirrors, and trick photography.


The UFO Phenomenon

Popular culture's enthusiastic embrace of the extraterrestrial challenge, from the malevolent Martians of the War of the Worlds to the benign visitor in the movie E.T.

The book has an excellent index for researching old stories and reports and offbeat subjects gleaned from the Internet. It also contains excellent photographs from the past. The book is comprehensive, objective, and endlessly intriguing.

In many ways, it is a compendium similar to Jenny Randles' book, which we covered under Book Review: Alien Contact--The First Fifty Years. But unlike Randles' book, this book fills the historical gap prior to Randles' discussion of the first fifty years. The book is an extremely useful edition for the UFO library.

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