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Book Review: The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond by Barry Parker, Ph.D.

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The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond by Barry Parker, Ph.D.

The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond science writer Dr. Barry Parker speculates on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Imagine traveling light years away from Earth in a silver spaceship. Suddenly you find yourself plunging head-first into a fantastic swirling wormhole which is a shortcut through space. You may find yourself in another world where aliens look like Earth people.

Dr. Parker is a highly acclaimed science writer and winner of numerous awards. He discusses the architecture of life and the necessary universal substances needed to produce life. He delves into the world of alien lifeforms such as gaseous clouds or virtual reality with computers. Readers will learn how a gaseous cloud could support life, a phenomena long reported by abductees.

In the book, Dr. Parker explores the forms of life, what constitutes life, and what building blocks are needed universally to create life. He also discusses what other possible life forms there are. The theories presented in this book were culled from scientific thinking around the world.

Dr. Parker reviews many of the basic space missions and information gathered from these missions. He reviews many of the major groups searching for intelligent life such as a SETI a.k.a. the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. He talks about what should we look for in determining what kind of message from space might be real and what are random radio waves.

The author reviews major government and university based exploration programs. He explains one of NASA's projects known as HRMS or high resolution microwave survey which was initiated and later changed to MOP or the Microwave Observing Project for exploring about nine hundred stars within 75 light years of our sun. The project was to use the largest satellites in the world such as the one at Arecebo, Mexico. But government funding was pulled and the project was resumed by the SETI Institute. Viewers of the movie Contact will recognize this ambitious project was the basic plot for the movie.


The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond

The author is clearly intrigued with the possibility that we have been visited before by extraterrestrial beings. He explains that most scientists believe UFOs are due to natural phenomena, such as other aircraft or electromagnetic waves around fault lines, or other explainable phenomena.

The author conjectures that Earthlings were more likely visited in the past than in current times. He references popular explanations for the statues at Easter Island or the constructing of the pyramids as a technology that UFO authors claim must have come from past visitors to this planet.

This book will tantalize your imagination with new scientific theories the same way Isaac Asimov intrigued readers for years with his speculation that black holes existed, an imaginary concept proved true twenty years later.

This book is highly recommended. The author, unlike many of his scientific colleagues, clearly believes there is extraterrestrial life. Otherwise, why bother to write the book? As he states in the last two sentences of his book, "Think of it: The discovery of another race of intelligent beings. It would be the most exciting discovery ever made." And we agree!

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