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Book Review: U.F.O. Evaluating the Evidence by Bill Yenne

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U.F.O. Evaluating the Evidence by Bill Yenne

U.F.O. Evaluating the Evidence this important book takes an objective look at the current unexplained events that have aroused emotions ranging from incredulity to awe. Dozens of case histories are documented from strange lights and shapes in the sky to firsthand accounts of mysterious spacecraft encountered at various places around the world.

Corroborating evidence on witness reliability, weather conditions, government investigations, scientific analysis of photographs, radar tracks, flight patterns and speeds and alleged physical traces of such encounters are scrutinized. The author explains scientific aspects of flight patterns more thoroughly than that which is seen in other books.

Ongoing studies by governments, universities and independent scientists and researchers, covering more than four decades, have failed to explain many of the most puzzling cases. Information has been widely suppressed and apparently credible witnesses testimony deliberately discredited.

This book provides an overview of the history of UFOs, including military and government interest in UFOs, classification of the most common forms of UFOs, and detailed first hands sightings with case histories of follow-up.

The book explores the Roswell incidents, project blue book and other government investigations. The author does an excellent job providing technical analysis of UFO flight patterns vs. those of known aircraft. He includes a glossary of important technical terms and acronyms.


U.F.O. Evaluating the Evidence

The author includes many excellent black and white photographs as well as color diagrams to make his point. He also discusses space phenomena, a useful tool for watchers of the night skies. He also delves into UFO exploration behind the iron curtain. The book provides an excellent index of all movers and shakers known to the UFO community.

In many ways, this book is a compendium similar to Jenny Randles' book, which we covered under Book Review: Alien Contact--The First Fifty Years. But unlike Randles' book, this book fills the historical and scientific gap not covered in Randles' book. This book is an extremely useful edition for the UFO library and is highly recommended.

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