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Book Review: Left at East Gate by Bill Yenne

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Left at East Gate by Bill Yenne

Left at East Gate tells the story of UFO activity at the Bentwaters / Woodbridge Royal Air Force base in Rendlesham Forest, England. Author Larry Warren tells the intriguing story of a UFO landing and possible alien contact during his tour of duty in 1980. Warren is also the first honorably discharged person to come forward with news of this historic event. The book is co-authored with veteran UFO researcher Peter Robbins.

Back in December of 1980, Warren was stationed at this royal air base leased by the USAF from the British Ministry of Defence. On one dark night, strange lights were seen and Warren and others were dispatched to investigate. Whether aliens were sighted that night is still under hot debate.

After the sighting, Warren was sent literally underground where he may have been "messed with" by certain members of the military who threatened him into silence by saying that "bullets are cheap" if he revealed what he saw to anyone.

After Warren's discharge from the Air Force in 1983, he decided to prove something really happened that night. Several years passed before Warren joined up with UFO researcher Peter Robbins. Together they returned to that fateful spot and much to their amazement, saw more strange lights that night, as well.

There is no doubt left in my mind that something of extreme importance happened there in December 1980. Initial attempts to cover-up the event were very successful. But later as witnesses came forward and the truth leaked out, the cover-up fell apart.


Left at East Gate

By now there is so much evidence in the way of witnesses, soil samples, and so on, that we the readers are left wondering: How far will certain members of the government go to protect their precious secrets? The government says it is all in the interest of national security. But if there are no such things as UFOs, then just what are they trying to protect? This compelling book has the capacity to make you angry as well as make you think and ask, just what is going on? The book asks the question of all readers: How much longer are we going to sit by and let the government take control?

The book contains an excellent selection of black and white photographs showing participants of the event, then and now, as well as photographs showing changes to the soil, forest, and trees after the UFO sighting and the mystery storm five months later that scalped the tree tops. On a scale of 1 to 4 stars, I would give it 3 stars. Book Review by Gary Raymer

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