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Book Review: Beyond Roswell by Michael Hesemann

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Beyond Roswell by Michael Hesemann

Beyond Roswell is one of the best books available on Roswell. It continues where other books leave off. Hesemann is a cultural anthropologist, magazine editor and author of several UFO books. Mantle is Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and book author as well. Authors Hesemann and Mantle discuss all the key players in the Roswell crash.

They discuss other crashes which occurred near Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947.

The authors investigate the crash wreckage and do an excellent job interviewing all the witnesses including many less prominent witnesses including  Native American Hopi Indians. The authors' comments and knowledge of alien history provide fascinating insights into the alien mind.

Majestic-12 is discussed along with its creators. All the key players are featured in this book along with a large variety of photos. The authors include many black and white as well as color photos.

Cover-up's and military involvement in fabricating new histories are closely examined. Underground military bases are discussed at length.


Beyond Roswell

The book is destined to become a classic in the field of Roswell books. The authors providing fascinating analyses of ancient languages and symbols as they explore the origin of ancient languages.

The Santilli film with its six fingered alien is shown to be comparable to North American rock paintings over 1400 years old. An excellent analysis of the Santilli film is provided. Historical references to ancient civilization along with direct quotes provide many hours of credible and incredible reading.

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