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Book Review: Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster

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Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster

Astral Travel for Beginners explores the techniques to learn how to leave your body and explore the Astral realm with confidence according to its author Richard Webster.

Typically known as OBEs or out-of-the-body experiences, abductees interested in learning how to control or initiate their own OBEs will appreciate the author's efforts to explain the procedure.

As Webster points out, no single method will work for everyone. That is why the exercises in the book are carefully designed to take the reader step-by-step through the out of body experience.

The author describes Astral travel, what it is, and what it isn't. He discusses Astral traveling while sleeping as well as Astral traveling with a friend. He discusses diet, clothing, and what to expect in the Astral world.

Webster does a very adequate job describing other methods of Astral travel. Some of these include the swing, French, whirlwind, visualization, willpower, as well as the Chakra method.

Webster explains bilocation which is the situation where a person may become visible while Astral traveling. He also talks about ghosts and doppelgangers and their impact on Astral travel.


Astral Travel for Beginners

The mid-section of the book is on relaxation to induce OBEs. It is so complete that an astute reader could record these pages on a cassette tape for playback later while practicing OBEs.

When compared with the plethora of Astral travel books in the New Age section at bookstores, this book outshines the others. Its techniques are reliable and do a good job describing what is probably a more common body function than we realize.

Unlike many other New Age books on this subject, Webster does not attempt to mystify the subject or cloud the reader's mind with mumbo jumbo. His information and techniques are genuinely useful to people seriously interested in generating their own OBEs.

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