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Book Review: The Contact Has Begun by Phillip H. Krapf

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The Contact Has Begun by Phillip H. Krapf

The Contact Has Begun is a book so different from other alien reports that its strangeness gives it a very real flavor. Author Phillip H. Krapf is a retired editor for the Los Angeles Times Newspaperwho had never given abductions or UFOs any thought.

But all that changed on June 11, 1997, at 2:32 a.m. when he was abducted by aliens at the age of 62. Krapf was told he would be allowed to remember many things about the future and the impending formal alien contact with mankind.

Krapf spent the next three days being indoctrinated into a fascinating New World by extraterrestrials called "Verdants."

What the author learned was that these alien beings, who have been observing Earth for 1000 years, had decided that the time has come for mankind to be invited into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets. The reason for now is due to the American space program.

Hundreds of prominent world citizens have been and are being recruited to serve as emissaries to help smooth the way for the eventual extraterrestrial-terrestrial contact that is planned to occur by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, which is around the year 2010.

According to the author, the Verdants are selecting two groups of people. The first group are well-known people with one thing in common -- credibility and the power to personally influence large segments of the population.

Each person is being assigned a specific function toward the ultimate goal of preparing the masses of people on Earth for inevitable contact.


The Contact Has Begun

The second group of people being selected for alien contact are a group of basically unknown people such as the author. This group of people is being selected for their skills rather than for their standing in the population. They would play only minor roles in the campaign to influence public opinion. He was given the official title deputy envoy.

During one of the author's conversations with the aliens, he asked if the Roswell crash stories were true. The aliens said they were, but that the crashed UFO belonged to a race of people from a planet in what Earth astronomers called the large Megallanic cloud. This is a galaxy about 200,000 light years away which is visible to the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere.

The timetable will become public during early 2002 when one of the aliens' chosen earth ambassadors will make a public acknowledgement confirming the accuracy of what is planned to transpire.

While the book is interesting, it will  leave the reader wondering why this retired newspaper man was not abducted until the age of 62! People familiar with the abduction topic may doubt many of his assertions about aliens. "Don't believe everything you read" might be good advice here.

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