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Book Review Classic: Flying Saucers - Serious Business by Frank Edwards

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Flying Saucers - Serious Business by Frank Edwards

Flying Saucers - Serious Busines by Frank Edwards is a classic book from 1966 which startled readers with this ominous message:

Warning! Near approaches of unidentified flying objects can be harmful to human beings. Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed.

In 1966, that warning scared readers, already fearful of a flying saucer craze lingering from the 1950's. People were still afraid of Martians landing and shooting us all.

Author Frank Edwards, a former news commentator for the American Federation of Labor, was a pioneer broadcaster and reporter. In 1923 he launched his broadcasting career as an unpaid radio announcer on KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the world's first clear channel radio station.

Edwards later became a political commentator for the Mutual Broadcasting Network with one of the biggest audiences in radio. He was the author of other best selling books such as Stranger than Science, Strange People, My First 10,000,000 Sponsors, and Strange World.

Frank Edwards was one of those gifted people who could fascinate an audience whether hosting a radio program, television show, or writing books.

In this classic book on UFOs, Edwards explored such things as, why UFOs had undergone drastic design changes in the past sixty years? Or what was the unidientified object that followed a Polaris missile in 1961 and caused the radar tracking gear to lock on it instead of the missile?


Flying Saucers - Serious Business

Or, even stranger, how could British television viewers pick up signals from a Texas television station that had gone out of business three years earlier? Where were these unexplained signals coming from?

Or, what was the reason for the mysterious power blackouts of the Northwest and Southwest in the fall of 1965?

Edwards reports on plastic UFO cases and elaborates on witnesses, the military, and any attempted cover-up. Due to the fact there was little or no emphasis on occupants UFOs in those days, readers will find very few references to actual encounters with aliens.

The book also contains some classic photographs of UFOs as well what are now classic UFO stories and chases. Interestingly enough, there is also discussion and pictures of strange red lights noted on the Moon back in 1963.

This book is a well-documented classic book worthy of reading for the first time, or re-reading.

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