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Book Review: Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee

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Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee

Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee with degrees in mathematics and astronomy, this classic book from 1965 opened with the statement that the most widely observed and educated UFO reports came from Michigan including Washtenaw County and the city of Bad Axe.

AAER Readers will recall various UFO researchers filed reports of numerous UFO sightings at Bad Axe during the summer of 1998 by one of our researchers.

Other states noted for having sightings were Texas, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Connecticut. That was when Major Donald Kehoe, Retired USAF, publicly accused the United States Air Force of suppressing evidence concerning UFOs.

Author Vallee asks many questions such as, what are these unidientified flying objects and where did they come from?

Are the UFOs manned or controled by thinking individuals from other worlds?

Or, are the UFOs unmanned but directed by a superior intelligence thousands of light years away from planet Earth?

Are aliens here walking among us now?


Anatomy of a Phenomenon

Author Vallee explored the legend of flying saucers and the possibility of life and intelligence in the universe. Author Vallee also explored Ezekial's sighting and interaction with occupants of a fiery sphere.

Jacques Vallee discussed modern UFO reports and their reliability along with typical phases of UFO behavior. He also raised the question that if spacemen are merely thought images, then why would they butcher a cow in the desert?

Author Vallee, whose books still fill the bookstore shelves, was formerly a government scientist in France working on a classified defense project. This is a classic book that should be read by everyone.

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