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Book Review: We Come As Friends by Peter Michaels

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We Come As Friends by Peter Michaels

We Come As Friends by Peter Michaels delivers positive stories about alien encounters. Unlike most books about alien contact, Michaels believes the positive stories of alien encounters need to be publicized and he has accomplished this goal very adequately in his new book.

Most Hollywood movies of alien encounters capitalize on people's fears. Most books on alien abductions also dwell on the dark side. Despite a paucity of friendly alien stories, Michaels has pulled together a fine collection of aliens who changed the lives of humans. As Michaels points out, not all of the encounters are happy ones, but they are often illuminating, teaching the experiencer something about himself or herself.

Some of the encounters are whimsical, teaching us that we are not the only creatures in the universe with a sense of humor or mischievous streak. Some of the encounters involve resuces of people in danger. In nearly all the encounters, the aliens explain the order and structure of the universe and the need for all civilizations to adhere to an already established Federation.

Some encounters provide compelling information about aliens walking among us and how they disguise themselves as humans for short periods of time. One group of aliens reportedly reads our library books by walking up and down the rows in libraries and scans their contents. Other alien groups communicate with their computers which are a lifeform.

Michaels feels that if these stories help to make alien encounters more readily acceptable to the public, then he has helped this badly troubled field.

The book is easy to read and the stories flow. A collection of stories about healings will give any parent moist eyes. From healings to dramatic rescues, it is apparent the aliens are always watching over us, much like the Native American belief in spirit guides.

Interestingly, Michaels points out that all the stories for the healing section occurred in the same small geographic area, though it appeared to extend across the central United States from the west to the east coast.


We Come As Friends

One revealing story about alien logic is revealed in a story about a husband and wife in a sinking boat. The couple and their dog are forced to abandon the boat. As they struggle to stay afloat, they are abducted into a beam of white light and taken on board a UFO. They asked the aliens why they were saved?

The aliens explained they heard their cries for help. According to the aliens, they hear people calling them all the time, but usually ignore it because they place no value on human life. They rescued this particular couple because the alien's purpose was to save their dog and knew the dog would be miserably unhappy without its owners.

One story wreaks of classic disinformation. In this story, the alien woman visits by walking through doors and can shapeshift into any appearance she desires. She explains that aliens love going to see movies in the theaters, and make counterfeit money in order to buy tickets. By now, readers are half-expecting her to say these aliens enjoy eating strawberry ice cream, too! This story is very inconsistent given that aliens who could walk through solid walls would not need to buy a movie theater ticket.

Despite one inconsistent story noted above, all the rest of the stories are worth reading. Many stories contain familiar topics, such as shapeshifting aliens, computers as living creatures, and the aliens ability to rapidly learn numerous languages.

Readers will certainly wonder if any of the people in these stories were abductees, either before, during or after their incredible experiences. Most of these story lines would work for the American TV series Touched By An Angel. This book comes highly recommended.

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