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Book Review: Nobody's Safe by Richard Steinberg

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Nobody's Safe by Richard Steinberg

Nobody's Safe by Richard Steinberg takes readers on a fictional tale of intrigue and deception involving Area 51.

The novel depicts Gregory Picaro as the finest safecracker and break-in artist in the world. There is no safe, no lock, no security system that can keep him out. By combining touch with technology, insight with improvisation, Greg's world is just one big, open door.

But some things are better left locked away. One evening on a seemingly routine apartment burglary, Greg is caught with his guard down. Concealed in the owner's closet, Greg covertly witnesses an interrogation of his mark by three men in dark, conservative suites.

Unable to crack the owner for the combination to his hidden safe, they torture and murder him in cold blood. Greg keeps his cool, and as the men in black regroup to dispose of the body, Greg picks the safe clean. What he finds in the stash is both perplexing and revelatory, and something that the highest and hidden levels of the government will kill to deep secret.


Nobody's Safe

A rocket-fueled American thriller filled with exquisitely detailed insights into the methodology of safecracking, Nobody's Safe takes readers on a dazzling ride into the labyrinthine world of government deception, and will keep them guessing until the final page.

Author Steinberg lectures on issues that include counter-terrorism, international security, and the history of assassinations in America. A former consultant and founder of an international high-risk security firm, Steinberg began writing full-time after recovering from a gunshot wound incurred in the line of duty. His first novel, The Gemini Man, was about genetic manipulation, another popular topic among aliens.

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