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Book Review: Is E.T. Here? by Robert Trundle, Ph.D.

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Is E.T. Here? by Robert Trundle, Ph.D.

Is E.T. Here? by Robert Trundle, Ph.D. is the first philosopher to have written both a professional article and book in support of extraterrestrial visitors (ET's) probable presence, combines his expertise in Ethics, Politics, and Theology, with an impressive array of material from UFOlogists and military experts, to argue that ET has, in fact, been around for quite some time.

Having a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Robert Trundle is a professor at N. Ky. University where he was elected Outstanding Junior Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as was awarded early tenure and promotions to both Associate and full Professor.

Trundle's book will keep you on the edge of your seat. The in depth coverage of the history of extraterrestrial influence on society was a book unto itself. No one interested in knowing if ET is really here or not can do without this great volume of work. Filled with fantastic graphics and photographs only added to the great knowledge released. Powerful enough to convince even the most die hard skeptic, even novices in the study of Ufology could not find a better offering to begin a basis for understanding why we are told by our government they are not here, but in reality they have been here a long time.

The book covers UFO and alien abductions from the past to the present, with detailed information not found in other books. The author does an excellent job tying up loose ends and answering questions.

This book covers a lot of ground and is an excellent resource tool. Dr. Trundle tackles some of the lesser known, but more bizarre aspects of alien contact and UFOs. Abductees will recognize and appreciate his observations.

Abductees will appreciate hearing what other people have experienced in a special section featuring "Eerie E-mails from Abductees."

Chapter headings include:

  • ET and Terrestrial Politics
  • Science on Angels and Aliens
  • Alien Anatomy and Technology
  • Singular People and Strange Places
  • Official Reports and Odd Encounters,
  • Outlandish Organizations and Intriguing Issues
  • Military Projects and Moon Missions
  • Since the Missions: Controversy Over Religion and Science

    Is E.T. Here?

    Astronomer Carl Sagan believed that modern physics was not discovered centuries earlier because it was deterred by religious superstition, suggesting that ET's advanced civilization would be due to an unbiased pursuit of science. Human pride and an imposition of politics on science are the best explanations for impeded scientific progress and a closed-mindedness to the most astonishing possibility in history - that ET is here!

    Dr. Trundle has been an invited referee for the journals Philosophy of Science (Philosophy of Science Association), the Universitι Laval’s Laval Thιologique et Philosophique, and Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (official journal of the Canadian Philosophical Association). He is a member of the American Philosophical Association, and was invited to join the New York Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Research Society of Sigma Xi, and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

    He has written numerous books on the history of philosophy and the philosophy of science. In addition to having published a professional article on the extraterrestrial issue in Science and Method, in the Netherlands, his many papers include those in Philosophy in Science, Leuven University's Res Publica, Belgium's Logique et Analyse, Conflict and Terrorism at RAND Corp., Fordham University's Thought: A Review of Culture & Idea, et al.

    There is something for everyone in this solid, easy to read book. To order your copy, click on the bookcover above.

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