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Book Review: The Reclamation Project by Ruth Marie Davis

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The Reclamation Project by Ruth Marie Davis

The Reclamation Project by Ruth Marie Davis explores the fascinating possibility of human - alien contact. The story revolves around the "what if" supposition that ancient Egyptians had established deep roots with aliens. Through research into ancient civilizations, Ms. Davis provides a plausible connection between ancient Egyptian culture and alien contact.

Beginning with the famous King Tut (Tutankhamun) and his princess Wife Ankh (Ankhesenamun), the author describes the incestuous  relationships that plagued their lives, when fathers married daughters, and daughters married their sisters' husbands. Age and morality were not issues by today's standards.

The story's heroine is Dr. Lindsey Larimer, an Egyptologist, who yearns to discover the ancient secret of the hidden Library of Knowledge under the Sphinx. Years earlier, she and her famous father had discovered secret tombs and unearthed mummies unknown to their modern world in the year 2250. Yet the dream was always to return one day and solve the mystery.

Now, ten years later, Lindsey is fortunate to meet the scientifically-nurtured clones of King Tut and his wife Ankh. After several meetings with the child clones, Dr. Larimer is curious if cloning can prompt old memories from the original ancestor. Then one day, the child Tut becomes angry with Lindsey and says, "You never listen to me. You don't listen to me now, and you didn't listen to me then!"

Stunned by the possibility that her past was once entwined with the dead king, Lindsey's life becomes ensnarled with her dreams of a horrifying past with the king and the bizarre statements made by the clones Tut and Ankh.

As time passes, both Tut and Ankh grow very fast biologically, and Lindsey is soon faced with an unspoken attraction to Tut, who has become a bronzed, handsome young man. These  puzzling events inspire Lindsey to share her wish with  Ankh to make a return trip to the pyramids, to discover the lost secret of the human-alien connection and her link to ancient Egypt.


The Reclamation Project

The exquisite book cover only hints at the book's fascinating insights into Biblical prophecy, ancient marriage traditions, Armageddon, the role of the Annuaki, archangels and Satan.

The possible connection between ancient Egyptians and Alien Gods will haunt readers with its proverbial question: What if this could be true? This question provides readers with a provocative mixture of fantasy and suspense.  

The author is an excellent writer and researcher and the book comes highly recommended.  Readers will find the story flows smoothly between scientific research, science fiction, fantasy, romance and historical fiction. The author skillfully weaves an intriguing story that would make a terrific movie!  

The book can be ordered online from Amazon Books by clicking on the book cover.

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