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Book Review: Looking for Orthon - The Story of George Adamski by Colin Bennett

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Looking for Orthon - The Story of George Adamski by Colin Bennett

Looking for Orthon - The Story of George Adamski by Colin Bennett delves into the epic tale of George Adamski, the first modern man to claim continuing contact with aliens. With his streaming cult of followers, Adamski defied the world by insisting that not only had he seen aliens, but that he was friends with them and had taken many photographs of their flying saucers to prove it.

Beginning with the infamous first contact in the California desert in November 20, 1952, Adamski described this alien contact in his book, Flying Saucers Have Landed. On this date, Adamski and a small group of followers went out into the desert so he could attempt to make contact with the occupants of a flying saucer. Adamski insisted the rest of the group stay back about a half-mile for safety. The contact began during mid-day at 12:30 p.m.

The group first spotted a cigar-shaped UFO followed by a flash in the sky that Adamski felt was a flying saucer. He shoots 7 rolls of film with a Kodak Brownie camera which has a slow aperture of 1/25 of a second. The UFO lands and Adamski has a conversation with an alien called Orthon from Venus. The alien contact was sketched by Alice K. Wells, a restaurant owner and lifetime supporter of Adamski, as she watched with binoculars from a distance of safety, about a half mile away.

The flying saucer is the shape of a translucent bell glowing in prismatic colors and lands on the ground with its three ball landing gear. Adamski catches a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful face and other occupants inside the UFO.

Unlike the stereotypic gray aliens of today, Orthon had a round face with an extremely high forehead, large gray-green slanted eyes, cheek bones slightly higher than an Occidental, and a small nose and beautiful white teeth. The alien's fingers were long and slender like a woman's. Adamski felt the creature could have been a beautiful woman if he had been dressed differently. The alien asks Adamski for one of the rolls of film and Adamski gives it to him.

After the aliens departed, Adamski's followers joined him in the landing spot where George Hunt Williamson makes the famous cast imprints of Orthon's feet. Overhead, the group notices the skies are busy with aircraft, including a USAF B36 jet bomber presumably from Edwards Air Force Base. The planes circle and bank, coming so low as to cast shadows on Adamski's group.

About two weeks later, Adamski is photographing a flying saucer through his telescope. The saucer comes within a hundred feet of him, where he shoots more pictures. A porthole opens, then a hand reaches out and drops the negatives, frame by frame, on the ground. The hand waves goodbye and the flying saucer zooms away.

Adamski's flying saucer is featured on the cover of his 1953 book as shown here. Note the three ball feet for landing and the windows above. 

A similar UFO, was photographed by Radio Officer Thad Fogl of London in 1955 from his crew's ship traveling from Philadelphia to Rotterdam. Note the three ball landing feet and the similar windows.


Looking for Orthon - The Story of George Adamski

Note the very similar bell-shape and bulges underneath suggesting ball feet for landing.

Photo courtesy UFOBC of Canada above.

Another UFO similar to Adamski's and Fogl's was photographed by George Ritter of Ohio in 2001 above.

Adamski referred to alien abductions as "kidnappings," which may be more descriptive of the actual event. The book is a chronological biography of Adamski's life beginning with his first ventures out into the desert to make alien contact as unobtrusively as possible.

If "truth is stranger than fiction," then Adamski's story is consistent with this philosophy. Portholes that open unexplainably are what abductees often describe in their interdimensional contact with aliens. Adamski's handsome aliens are very similar to the blonde Nordics reported by contactees.

While it may be easy for the public to dismiss contactees like George Adamski, or the more recent contactees, the question still remains, what if their contact was real? What if their photographs are genuine? Why do different people living in different countries at different times photograph the same UFOs? Surely there is a connection.

Readers will appreciate the depth of knowledge contained in the author's book as well as the number of references to known and unknown people of the time. Although many readers are too young to have attended Adamski's lectures, readers will be amazed at the large audiences he attracted. Despite the notion that people of the 1950's had closed minds, they at least were willing to pay to hear Adamski speak about his contact with Venusians.

The book comes highly recommended. Readers looking for factual information will appreciate the documentation that went into preparing this well-researched book.

The book can be ordered online from Amazon Books by clicking on the book cover.

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