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Book Review: Aliens Over America by Timothy Guy

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Aliens Over America by Timothy Guy

Aliens Over America by Timothy Guy synthesizes 12 very popular UFO books into one big overview of the phenomenon. But this is no ordinary collection of books.

This book tells the story behind the story by interviewing the actual authors and their participants. With a true passion for journalism, the author probes areas readers wonder about but do not have access to when reading books on such controversial topics.

The author selected twelve popular or classic books in their respective fields in the areas of government conspiracies, astral projection, remote viewing, time travel, channeling, paranormal talk radio, UFO videos, Men In Black, alien abductions, and the books of Genesis and Revelations.

While other books must be read from front to back for comprehension, Mr. Guy's book is so packed with solid material the reader can start anywhere and be continuously amazed at the wealth of information contained in the book. During the author's quest for information, he was often sent in different directions to find answers.

The first book discussed is Stranger at the Pentagon, by Dr. Stranges, an unusual man with an unusual name claiming that Ronald Reagan was the first member of NICUFO and referred to an alien presence five times in his speeches. Dr. Stranges claimed his insight came from his alien friend named Val, who claimed contact with President Kennedy among other leaders. Mr. Guy points out that Dr. Stranges warns that not all UFOs are friendly and that there are good aliens and evil aliens.

Mr. Guy explores the popular Cosmic Voyage book about remote viewing and goes beyond it into the world of the Monroe Institute. In search of further information, he learns about the CIA's program into remote viewing and their interest in learning about underground UFO bases on Earth which the author identifies and covers in depth.

UFO Central is the brainchild of Tim Crawford who claims to actually have viewed all 1,200 videotapes sold by his company of the same name. At the top of the list was a videotape of Bob Lazar discussing his work at Groom Lake, Nevada. When the author wanted to see an aerial image of Groom Lake (Area 51), he was told to get it from the Russians. From there, he learned the coordinates (longitude and latitude) and was able to see a satellite view that he includes in the book. If you are one of those people who wants to see it for yourself, he also includes the coordinates so you can pull up the satellite images for yourself of this heavily guarded airspace that is a "no fly zone" for commercial airplanes.

The author interviewed nuclear physicist Bob Lazar, the first man known to go public for his work on reverse engineering of a UFO at Area 51. At one point in the interview, Lazar explains he was never allowed onto the upper level of the UFO where the porthole areas were, but added, "I can assure you they were not portholes." Bob Lazar also described blue military folders he was allowed to read where aliens referred to humans as "containers." Any reader familiar with abduction reports knows abductees are often told their physical bodies are merely containers for their souls.


Aliens Over America

Mr. Guy includes intriguing NASA photos showing a strange white glow hovering above an Apollo 12 astronaut as he walked on the moon's surface. Another photo reveals a glowing orb near the moon's surface taken by the fateful Apollo 13 mission. There is a photo of the face on Mars and another photo shows possible dried up river beds on the red planet.

Other notables interviewed or discussed at length in the book include Stanton Friedman, Art Bell, Richard Hoagland, Whitley Strieber, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Monroe, Brad Steiger, Tim Crawford, Muhammad Ali, Tim Beckley, Jim Keith, along with notable cult figures of the new age era.

Casebook on the Men in Black is another book exploring these scary clones unlike their humorous counterparts in the movies. The author includes a photo of an alleged MIB standing in a doorway.

MIBs are suspected of being clones. People who have seen MIBs describe them as being cold, robotic and with thyroid eyes that bug out. Another genetic mutation may be the Chupacabra.

The Montauk Project was implemented by the Air Force and allegedly used vacationing servicemen for their mind control experiments. The author admits there is a certain amount of conjecture associated with this project, but enough clues have been provided to lead the reader to believe there must be something more. Different frequencies were used to control moods. The project included claims of time travel and of a vortex where people entered and some never returned from this cyber tunnel.

One of the best features of the book is that it can be browsed from any page in the book. This is important for readers on the run between work and family. Readers will not be disappointed in purchasing this valuable book and adding it to their collection. Even well-read readers will find a bonanza of material which spills over from one exciting page to the next, inspiring readers to purchase some of these classic books and read them for themselves. Aliens Over America comes very highly recommended.

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