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Book Review: The Other Sky by Landi Mellas and David Caywood

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The Other Sky by Landi Mellas and David Caywood

The Other Sky by Landi Mellas and David Caywood authors of this powerful book tell their separate stories of alien contact. Each discovered alien contact as young children which stayed with them through their adult lives.

Growing up on opposite sides of the United States, the authors attribute a sequence of unusual events which brought them together in the Midwest where they instantly bonded for life as best friends.

Both Ms. Mellas and Mr. Caywood describe how the alien contact affected their personal lives and relationships. Having supporting family groups was important as both authors share experiences from their families.

The chapters alternate between the authors providing a nice contrast to what each has learned about himself or herself and what they have learned from the aliens.

Landi and David's stories are typical of most UFO abductees, including Whitley Strieber. The typical abduction experiencer has a history of involvement with the paranormal, the occult, and/or New Age beliefs. Most have a strong belief in reincarnation and other Eastern philosophies as well. But the compelling reason for reading their book is gaining a better perception of how unseen alien activity influenced their lives.

Caywood and Mellas are gifted story tellers and related their ongoing ET encounters with every frightening and amazing detail leaving nothing out. Their spiritual conclusions and explanations of why all this ET/Spirit stuff is happening to us and to our world at this time is very powerful.


The Other Sky

Everything they said made such sense. Some readers have told us they will be thinking about this book for a long time. Other readers have said they like to ponder the deeper meaning and insights of their Other Sky Wisdoms. This book IS a must have must read for everyone and not just the semi-curious or causual reader either.

David Caywood also designed the cover for the book along with providing the illustrations.

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