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Book Review: Alien Abduction - Can It Happen to You?

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Alien Abduction - Can It Happen to You?

The world's largest web site on alien abductions has compiled this excellent online e-book for learning about alien abductions in your life. The AAER staff explore ways for readers to discover their repressed memories of alien abduction. How long do you want to keep being afraid? You be the judge by reading our e-book.

For some readers, life is not simple. These readers grow up haunted with fragmented memories of events so bizarre it is impossible to blend them in with modern life.

Although marriage, parenthood and careers can often mask the haunted memories of the past, buried memories can resurface as terrifying nightmares or waking fears of being in certain places.

AAER explores current beliefs and myths about aliens and why the public has such a diverse opinion on their reality. Coupled with military denials, the seesaw of acceptance or denial of other intelligent life forms, can take its toll on readers wanting to know what is true.

The book provides the Alien Abduction Survey in depth with fully explained answers and what they signify. Readers can answer the questions and compare how similar their experiences are to other abductees. Are you ready to find out your true history? You be the judge of our e-book and whether aliens have played a role in your life.

Readers are also provided with other clues as to possible abductions, along with the significance of psychic activity in the home, including ghostly activity.

Post traumatic stress is discussed along with the alien abduction personality type, as well as an explanation of the different varieties of aliens visiting Earth.

Readers want to know about alien implants and their purpose. The book discusses the purpose of alien medical or psychological examinations and their impact on readers. Sexual and romantic relationships with aliens is another popular topic that is explained. How long do you want to wait to find out if aliens have done things sexually with you? You be the judge by reading our e-book.

AAER probes the alien abduction personality and what it means to be an abductee, contactee, or experiencer. Coping with abductions and what to do about them is another area frequently questioned by readers. How do your life experiences compare with real people who have been abducted? You be the judge by reading our e-book.

This book provides a thorough framework for readers wanting to get all possible information on the abduction topic. Information contained in the book is based on research and thousands of letters sent in by readers.


Alien Abduction - Can It Happen to You?

Over 250,000 people have taken our alien abduction survey. Many were relieved to know they were not alone in being afraid of being alone at home at night, or of sleeping in a dark bedroom. Is there any help for you? When are you ready for the answers to your difficult questions? Read our e-book and find out. You be the judge of whether you have been abducted or not. Order online and receive your e-book by e-mail the same day or within a day.

Many people have been helped by this e-book. This e-book is readable with Adobe Acrobat already on your computer or available by free download from Here are some of their stories:

Miguel wrote: "I didn't think anyone understood what I was going through with these strange dreams at night of being examined by aliens. I was shown many strange things. I felt like I was being given important information, but couldn't remember it or what to do with it."

Eric wrote: "I work in information technology and ordered this book at work and read it straight through. I am a grown man and this e-book touched me so closely that I cried at my desk at work."

Miranda wrote: "My children have been waking up at night crying and insisting there are strange little people standing around their beds at night. I try to tell them it is just their imagination. But deep inside I am terrified because I have been seeing the very same creatures hovering around my bed. I have heard unexplainable loud crashes in the house but nothing has fallen over. I can't go near anything electrical because it turns off, like appliances and street lights. Everyone thinks I am nuts and I was starting to believe them. This e-book helped me understand that I am not alone, and more importantly, that I am not crazy!"  

This e-book may be ordered online from PayPal and will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours. Be sure to remove any mail blocks that would prevent you from receiving it.

Find out if you have been abducted. Why wait any longer? Click PayPal button to order for $15 U.S. dollars. Even if you do not have PayPal, click below to order.  


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