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Book Review: Global Implications of the UFO Reality by David E. Twichell

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Global Implications of the UFO Reality by David E. Twichell

How will mankind react when aliens visiting Earth are publicly acknowledged?

This is the second book by author David E. Twichell who explores worldwide reaction to the discovery and eventual acceptance of life in space and its impact on our modern world. Like many abductees, Twichell steps back and analyzes the impact such revelations could bring to the world.

How will humankind react when full disclosure of the alien presence in our world is finally released?  Why has official secrecy been perpetuated for so many years?  Is the UFO phenomenon a modern myth or has it always been with us?  What are the credentials of those who insist “we are not alone in the universe”?

These and many other provocative questions are addressed in The Global Implications of the UFO Reality. The lesson was well learned from The War of the Worlds radio broadcast when the public experienced firsthand the possibility of being attacked by unknown civilizations from another planet. After the military observed the public panic that ensued, policies were created to mask the truth from the public.

Meanwhile, the Air Force built a facade in the guise of an honest effort to get to the bottom of this new flying saucer craze, while cautioning the public to use logic and common sense while denying everything.

A 1960 report by the Brookings Institute, "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs" was presented to the 82nd Congress on April 18, 1961. The report concluded that profound negative social consequences would result if extraterrestrial contact were confirmed.

Likewise, an internal RAND document from 1968 predicted similar results. Worldwide panic was at the top of both of their lists. With these assumptions in place, it would seem that the powers-that-be had their answer and no further confirmation was necessary. Their “deny and ridicule” policy remained in place.


Book Review: Global Implications of the UFO Reality

Today the general population has not only personally witnessed sufficient evidence in the area of anomalous aerial phenomena, but they realize that millions of credible witnesses worldwide could not all be delusional or liars.

Global Implications is sure to open your eyes to many things that have been happening right underneath your feet. Could our own humanity be dying out due to the global warming and greenhouse effect? Also, what will the religious implications be once more information comes out into the mainstream about UFOs and Aliens? Could it possibly be that Pandora's Box will finally be opened? Twichell has opened a lot of doors on this very exciting subject and readers will enjoy his in-depth analysis and coverage of this topic.

AAER recommends this book for readers wanting a better understanding of how other civilizations will impact our world and the current effort to prevent the truth from seeping out.

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