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Book Review: Filer's Files - Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings

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Filer's Files - Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings

George Filer, known for "Filer's Files" on the internet, has compiled his best worldwide UFO reports into his first book. "Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings" is a 206 page collection co-authored with David Twichell, author of various UFO books.

Filer's passion for UFOs began in 1962 in England as an Air Force pilot when radar detected an unknown object and he was dispatched to chase it. Flying to within 5 miles of the UFO, Filer was able to observe its solid, metallic construction before the object suddenly turned on its lights and then shot straight up in the air in an unearthly fashion.

From that time forward, Filer spent a lot of time inquiring about UFO reports and soon learned the Air Force disseminated information on a "need to know basis" which was the reason often given for denying him information.

UFO Sightings in the book are divided into two geographic locations: United States or Worldwide, and are arranged according to state or country. The book sorts UFO sightings into additional chapters for daytime or nighttime sightings, which are further subdivided into triangles, cigar-shapes, and anomalous lights. Thus, a reader can browse any desired topic easily.

Abductions and missing time experiences are contained separately in their own chapter, which includes a nice section on AAER's own George Ritter, who has many UFO stillframes from his videos at our website. UFO reports from U.S. astronauts and presidents comprise a separate chapter.

The last chapter is about UFOs in the news, and provides a nice re-cap of familiar reports of UFO sightings which received a great deal of attention on TV and in the media.


Book Review: Filer's Files - Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings

The book contains drawings and photos from witnesses which add depth to the sightings given. There are also references given to various websites and email contacts for those interested in pursing a report further.

True to Filer's weekly 'zine style by email, the new book sorts UFO sightings by location and type. Probably the best feature of the book is its easy browsability for readers wanting to know more about particular types of recent sightings up through 2004. The Index in the back of the book provides a rapid lookup for readers by geographic location, state, country, or by names.

This book is recommended for readers interested in reading and comparing worldwide sightings. Order yours today with PayPal. Payment is in US Dollars.

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