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DVD Review: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

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An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

Impending global warming looms around the corner for Earth, in this grim outlook for our little planet stripped of its resources and no thought given to future consequences.

Chilling new book An Inconvenient Truth by former Vice President Al Gore, paints a picture of doom for Earth in the next ten years. Citing a long list of ignored scientists, Mr. Gore speaks out about impending doom and no chance to turn around over global warming issues.

Mr. Gore emphasizes the window of opportunity to turn this situation around must occur in the next 10 years before it is too late. After that, the damage will be irreversible to the planet. Isn't this what abductees have been saying all along?

For example, if current glacial ice continues melting at the present rate, which is actually accelerating, there will be a 20' foot rise in the worldwide oceans. This means the eastern coastline of North America will vanish along with the southern half and coastal cities all along Florida's coast.

As strange as these words may seem, anyone exposed to abductees or what they have been told by extraterrestrials, knows these words of Mr. Gore to be absolutely the truth.


An Inconvenient Truth

For decades now, abductees have been bringing back reports from aliens of global disasters from tidal waves, to hurricanes to global warming, to earth wars. All of these things have been predicted by abductees.

The book An Inconvenient Truth has been released as a movie and expected to stimulate some serious reasons for changing the world climate. The time has passed for people to worry about political parties and who's in charge. Now is the time for action.

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