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Book Review: Exempt from Disclosure 2nd Edition by Robert M. Collins

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Exempt from Disclosure 2nd Edition by Robert M. Collins

Conspiracy theories abound in this most recently updated top selling book on the subject of UFO conspiracy.

Exempt from Disclosure by Robert M. Collins is all about Site 51, S4, EBE-2 (Jrod, Wright-Patterson AFB, Los Alamos, Crystal Rectangle, SERPO Exchange Program.

In the fall of 2006: One of a four-part History Channel UFO Files series will be on Hangar 18, and will include sections on Wright-Patterson AFB contained in this book.

The title is telling for this amazing revelation of detailed records of our historical involvement in the crash recovery and extraterrestrial biological entity interaction program. The author is Robert Collins, a retired Air Force intelligence officer formerly with the Foreign Technology Division. Included are intimate insights into the activities of Angleton, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and Richard Doty, one of the key contributors, as an Air Force Counterintelligence agent telling his story. This book provides a complete list of the "birds", people involved in digging for the truth in the 1980s.

Robert Collins' new book goes places where few UFO books have gone before. The book is not the most useful for beginners, for they may find themselves overwhelmed within minutes. The subject is a labyrinthe, and this book delves into the farthest reaches, but Collins fully acknowledges this in his introduction. Rather, it's primarily written for those devotees and enthusiasts who already have a fairly sophisticated understanding of the phenomenon and its complex history.

There is also much detail about the location of secret installations within Air Force bases - supported by an extensive collection of maps and diagrams - and an intriguing section about the notorious "Men in Black". Yet another section features a message exchange with an anonymous Los Alamos scientist who explains, referring to the physics of the flying disks, that "You are assuming that ET crafts are made with our technology... Many years ago, we made that same mistake and it took us several years to correct the mistake and start fresh from the drawing board. "Their" technology is nothing similar to ours.

People who have been asking questions about "The Aviary" contact with "EBES" and the mysterious MJ-12 will find numerous answers and information here. I was personnaly aware of some of this information having worked closely with researcher Bill Moore in the 80's and early 90's. Other fasinating tales such as the "failed" disclosure process in Washington D.C. were new and exciting to me! The documented section on Vaults under Wright-Patterson AFB as presented here is a significant research contribution by this author. Is this book controversial? You bet! Can you dismiss the credentials and experiance of the people involved? No you can't! Read the book and decide for yourself.


Exempt from Disclosure 2nd Edition

The addition of an index alone, is, in this reviewer's opinion, just about enough reason to invest in edition 2 of Exempt from Disclosure! In all seriousness though, the index is a valuable tool for any researcher.

There are startling revelations about how the 'Crystal Rectangle' / 'Energy Device' - obtained from a UFO crash/retrieval - was deployed during the space-shuttle missions. There is documented evidence, exclusively contained in the book, which proves that the device was indeed cargo on board the disastrous flight of STS-107 Columbia, even though there is no evidence that the alien technology was in any way responsible.

For the up to date Ufologist, there is commentary on the correlations between the knowledge gained from Eben #1 regarding its home planet 'Sieu' and the latest research which ties Sieu to the Project Crystal Knight / Project Serpo exchange program.

The book explores these controversial issues and more:

  • Was there a government UFO cover-up?
  • What about those highly sensitive Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents dealing with reverse engineering and who sent them?
  • What is the Crystal Rectangle (wondrous new energy source) mentioned by Richard Helms (CIA) and reported in those DIA documents?
  • What happened on the Space Shuttle and ISS with this Crystal Rectangle before the Columbia disaster?
  • Why is Los Alamos having so many problems with reverse-engineering, specifically, the propulsion system and materials?
  • What about those James Jesus Angleton Einstein reverse-engineering notes depicting a scene in the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still?"
  • How were the MJ-12 and MAJIC designations changed?
  • A number of named sources (some of whom worked at Groom Lake for over 40 years) will tell their story of Area 51, S4, Aliens and a JROD.
  • The enhanced 2nd edition has well over 30% new, revised material and with 69 unique illustrations the story is told from many different perspectives.

    For what this book is about see, Thomas Mack, Rick Doty, and Gene Lakes on Groom Lake, and Tom Mack on Wright-Patterson AFB.

    To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

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